Advanced Perl with CGI and Web Applications

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Perl is a free language, as the source code is available free and it can be used under the Artistic licence. It can be (and is) used on virtually any contemporary operating system. Perl is used for the purpose of web design, graphics design and interfacing with databases, however, it is in the CGI programming area that Perl has demonstrated how versatile a language it is.

This course covers in great detail the sophisticated issues of web, object-oriented programming, database interfaces and networking programming - topics that are usually only mentioned in all standard courses.


Course Objectives:

  •  Act on Perl run-time warnings and diagnostics messages
  •  Use and implement advanced features of subroutines and modules
  •  Invoke a class constructor (including named and virtual) and destructor to manipulate objects
  •  Apply object types and use the method inheritance; Use SUPER and UNIVERSAL classes
  •  Take advantage of encapsulation by using "inside-out" objects
  •  Perform pattern matching using advanced Regular Expressions
  •  Handle errors and exceptions
  •  Use DBI interface and DBD modules to connect to a database
  •  Write CGI programs and generate HTML using
  •  Use as an object oriented interface
  •  Use the Socket module to facilitate network communication
  •  Understand multi-threading.

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This is an advanced course, aimed at already accomplished system developers, which builds up on the knowledge gained on the Perl Programming course. Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the pre-requisites you may be asked to leave.

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