M8913: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications

3 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Dynamics Training Courses.


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Agile Development (3 topics)

  • Gaining a competitive advantage through CRM
  • Understanding customer relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Managing processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software (5 topics)

  • Understanding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server and Client Options
  • Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Understanding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface
  • Getting Help
  • Personalizing the CRM Experience

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a Global Market (3 topics)

  • Understanding Multi-Language Support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Understand Multi-Currency Support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Setting Personal Options

The Customer Centered View (13 topics)

  • View the customer through Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization
  • Implementing processes to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Understanding customer records
  • Relationships between customer records
  • Understanding record ownership and assignment
  • Using Activities to track customer interactions
  • Using workflows
  • Finding and maintaining your data
  • Using duplicate detection
  • Understanding the subject tree
  • Creating Account and Contact Records (Lab)
  • Accounts and Contacts (Lab)

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook (9 topics)

  • Understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • Understanding integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook
  • Understanding records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • E-mail management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • Creating mail merge documents
  • Understanding differences between Outlook clients
  • Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM data
  • Creating an Opportunity and an Appointment from an inbound e-mail (Lab)
  • Synchronization in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook (Lab)

Introduction to Sales (8 topics)

  • Introducing Sales Management
  • Managing Leads
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Processing Sales Orders
  • Managing Products and Pricing
  • Keeping Track of Competitors
  • Managing Sales Literature
  • Create Competitor List (Lab)

Opportunity Management (7 topics)

  • Understanding Opportunities
  • Sales processes and sales pipeline report
  • Creating opportunities
  • Working with opportunities
  • Closing opportunities
  • Creating a Sales Process (Lab)
  • Managing Your Pipeline (Lab)

Managing Leads (8 topics)

  • Using Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Creating and Importing Leads
  • Tracking and Converting Leads
  • Disqualifying and Reactivating Leads
  • Reporting on Leads
  • Managing and Creating Leads (Lab)
  • Create Leads (Lab)
  • Qualify and Convert Leads (Lab)

Using the Product Catalog (4 topics)

  • Understanding the Product Catalog
  • Creating Price Lists
  • Creating and Editing Discount Lists
  • Create a Unit Group and Price List (Lab)

Sales Order Processing (5 topics)

  • Understanding sales order processing
  • Creating and revising quotes
  • Creating and tracking orders
  • Creating and closing invoices
  • Convert a Quote to an Order (Lab)

Sales Reporting (6 topics)

  • Evaluating Sales Data
  • Measuring performance with sales productivity reports
  • Using export to Excel
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Sales Productivity (Lab)
  • Sales Productivity Reports (Lab)

Understanding Marketing Campaigns (6 topics)

  • Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing
  • Marketing campaigns versus quick campaigns
  • Using quick campaigns
  • Understanding marketing campaigns
  • Managing campaign responses
  • Analyzing campaigns

Planning and Creating Marketing Campaigns (7 topics)

  • Creating quick campaigns
  • Creating a marketing campaign
  • Creating and using marketing lists
  • Creating and using campaign templates
  • Quick Campaigns (Lab)
  • Create a Marketing Campaign (Lab)
  • Campaign Tasks and Activities (Lab)

Managing Marketing Campaigns (6 topics)

  • Distributing campaign activities
  • Monitoring marketing campaigns
  • Capturing and viewing campaign responses
  • Working with campaign responses
  • Analyzing marketing information
  • Create a Campaign Response (Lab)

Understanding Service Management (3 topics)

  • Getting Started with Service Management
  • Understanding Subject Trees
  • Understanding the Service Management Process Flow

Managing Contracts (8 topics)

  • Understanding Contracts
  • Creating and managing contract templates
  • Creating a contract and contract lines
  • Modifying contracts and contract lines
  • Renewing contracts
  • Working with contracts
  • Creating Contracts and Contract Lines
  • Using Hold, Release Hold, and Renew Contract

Managing Cases (12 topics)

  • Understanding case management
  • Viewing Cases
  • Creating Cases
  • Assigning and reassigning cases
  • Editing cases
  • Resolving cases
  • Sharing cases
  • Reactivating cases
  • Canceling and deleting cases
  • Case management reports
  • Managing Cases (Lab)
  • Case Creation and Resolution (Lab)

Creating A Knowledge Base (7 topics)

  • What is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base?
  • Working with article templates
  • Creating and submitting articles
  • Approving, publishing, and rejecting an article
  • Finding information in the knowledge base
  • Creating, Submitting, and Publishing Knowledge Base Articles (Lab)
  • Reviewing, Approving, and Rejecting Knowledge Base Articles (Lab)

Managing Service Queues (5 topics)

  • Overview of queues
  • Setting up public queues
  • Deleting queues
  • Working with queues
  • Creating and Assigning Queues

Service Scheduling (4 topics)

  • Service Scheduling Introduction and Terminology
  • Service Scheduling Scenarios
  • Service Scheduling Process Flow
  • Scheduling Terminology

Scheduling Services for Your Customers (8 topics)

  • Scheduling Services
  • Navigating and Booking Service Activities in the Service Calendar
  • Scheduling Service Activities
  • Close, Cancel, or Reschedule a Service Activity
  • View Service Activities and Appointments
  • Setting Service Activity Preferences for Customers
  • Scheduling a Service Activity for a Case (Lab)
  • Following up on Appointments (Lab)

Maintaining Users and Resources (10 topics)

  • Scheduling users and other resources for services
  • User work schedules
  • Creating a group of resources that can be scheduled together
  • View schedules for resources
  • Manage how resources are allocated for service activities
  • Create, edit, or add members to a site
  • Set or edit business closures
  • User Work Schedules (Lab)
  • Create Business Closures (Lab)
  • Remove a resource from a scheduled Service (Lab)


Before attending this course, delegates must have: - General knowledge of Microsoft Windows - An understanding of Customer Relationship Management solution processes and practices

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