M8874: C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

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This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to begin creating objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including tables, forms, and reports, as well as codeunits, MenuSuites, and dataports. In addition, this course provides an intensive introduction to C/AL, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV coding language.


The goal for completing this course is to enable students to create application objects using Microsoft Dynamics NAV code and designers, including:

  •  Table Designer
  •  Form Designer
  •  C/AL Code
  •  Report Designer
  •  Dataport Designer
  •  XMLport Designer
  •  MenuSuite Designer
  •  Automation Server functionality.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner developers who are responsible for creating application objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations.

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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development I – C/SIDE (5 topics)

  • Beyond Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development I
  • The Physical and Logical Database
  • General C/SIDE Concepts
  • C/SIDE Fundamentals
  • Basic Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Basic Tables (9 topics)

  • Tables
  • Demonstration - Table and Field Properties Creating Tables
  • Choosing Data Types
  • Primary Keys and Secondary Keys
  • Qualities of Primary Keys Setting
  • RelationshipsBetween Tables
  • Special Table Fields
  • Types of Tables and Their Characteristics
  • Investigate Existing Tables (Lab)

Basic Forms (8 topics)

  • Form Controls
  • Bound and Unbound Forms and Controls
  • Form and Control Properties
  • Triggers
  • Creating Buttons
  • 3.19 Design new forms and their controls (Lab)
  • Creating Subforms
  • Form Types and Characteristics

C/AL Programming (33 topics)

  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
  • View C/AL in a Table ObjectIntrinsic Data Types (Lab)
  • Identifiers and Variables
  • Create a New Codeunit (Lab)
  • Assignment Statement
  • Use Assignment Statements and the Symbol Menu
  • (Lab)
  • Simple Expressions, Terms, and Operators
  • Use the String Operator (Lab)
  • Use the MAXSTRLEN Function in an Expression (Lab)
  • Numeric Expressions
  • Arithmetic Operator Exercise (Lab)
  • Examine Operator Precedence (Lab)
  • Logical and Relational Expressions
  • Add Logical and Relational Expressions to a Form
  • (Lab)
  • The IF and EXIT Statements
  • Perform Calculations with IF and EXIT Statements (Lab)
  • Compound Statements and Comments
  • Code with Compound Statements and Comments (Lab)
  • Arrays
  • Use Arrays (Lab)
  • Repetitive Statements
  • Code with Repetitive Statements (Lab)
  • WITH and CASE Statements
  • Simple Use of the CASE Statement (Lab)
  • Complex Use of CASE Statements (Lab)
  • Functions
  • Review Built-in Functions (Lab)
  • Using the DATE2DMY Function (Lab)
  • Using Intrinsic C/AL Functions
  • Creating Your Own Functions
  • Creating Your Own Functions (Lab)

Reports (15 topics)

  • Reports Overview
  • Types of Printed Reports
  • The Report Designers
  • Create a Data Model (Lab)
  • Design the Page Layout (Lab)
  • Experiment with Report Sections (Lab)
  • TransHeaders and TransFooters (Lab)
  • Improve Your Report with Some Useful Properties (Lab)
  • Grouping in a Report (Lab)
  • Use Grouping and Indentation in a Report (Lab)
  • Create Subtotals and Grand Totals (Lab)
  • Add Subtotals and Grand Totals to Indented Data Items (Lab)
  • Add Some Advanced Features (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report: Step-by-Step

Dataports (9 topics)

  • Dataport Fundamentals
  • Designing Dataports
  • Create a Dataport that Exports in Fixed Format (Lab)
  • Refine the Dataport (Lab)
  • Export a Dataport with Variable Format (Lab)
  • Importing a Dataport in Fixed Format (Lab)
  • Importing a Dataport in Variable Format
  • Create a Basic Report (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report: Step-by-Step

Customize the Navigation Pane (3 topics)

  • XMLport Fundamentals
  • Designing XMLports
  • Create Simple XMLports (Lab)

Codeunits (9 topics)

  • The C/SIDE Codeunit
  • Demonstration - Create and Modify Codeunits
  • Using the C/AL Editor
  • Demonstration - Define Variables, Text Constants, and Functions in Codeunits
  • Using the C/AL Symbol Menu
  • Using Codeunits
  • Temporary Tables on Forms
  • Demonstration ( Creating a Temporary Table on a Form
  • SMTP

MenuSuites (4 topics)

  • Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects
  • Customizing MenuSuite Objects
  • Exporting a MenuSuite Object
  • Upgrading MenuSuite Content

Automation Server (7 topics)

  • Automation Overview
  • Creating the Variables
  • Demonstration - Automate a Customer List Using Excel
  • Responding to Events
  • Common Problems and Limitations
  • Create a Report with Automation (Lab)
  • Create a Codeunit with Automation Capabilities (Lab)


Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 course • Basic knowledge of ERP user roles

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

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