M8874: C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development I – C/SIDE (5 topics)

  • Beyond Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development I
  • The Physical and Logical Database
  • General C/SIDE Concepts
  • C/SIDE Fundamentals
  • Basic Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Basic Tables (9 topics)

  • Tables
  • Demonstration - Table and Field Properties Creating Tables
  • Choosing Data Types
  • Primary Keys and Secondary Keys
  • Qualities of Primary Keys Setting
  • RelationshipsBetween Tables
  • Special Table Fields
  • Types of Tables and Their Characteristics
  • Investigate Existing Tables (Lab)

Basic Forms (8 topics)

  • Form Controls
  • Bound and Unbound Forms and Controls
  • Form and Control Properties
  • Triggers
  • Creating Buttons
  • 3.19 Design new forms and their controls (Lab)
  • Creating Subforms
  • Form Types and Characteristics

C/AL Programming (33 topics)

  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
  • View C/AL in a Table ObjectIntrinsic Data Types (Lab)
  • Identifiers and Variables
  • Create a New Codeunit (Lab)
  • Assignment Statement
  • Use Assignment Statements and the Symbol Menu
  • (Lab)
  • Simple Expressions, Terms, and Operators
  • Use the String Operator (Lab)
  • Use the MAXSTRLEN Function in an Expression (Lab)
  • Numeric Expressions
  • Arithmetic Operator Exercise (Lab)
  • Examine Operator Precedence (Lab)
  • Logical and Relational Expressions
  • Add Logical and Relational Expressions to a Form
  • (Lab)
  • The IF and EXIT Statements
  • Perform Calculations with IF and EXIT Statements (Lab)
  • Compound Statements and Comments
  • Code with Compound Statements and Comments (Lab)
  • Arrays
  • Use Arrays (Lab)
  • Repetitive Statements
  • Code with Repetitive Statements (Lab)
  • WITH and CASE Statements
  • Simple Use of the CASE Statement (Lab)
  • Complex Use of CASE Statements (Lab)
  • Functions
  • Review Built-in Functions (Lab)
  • Using the DATE2DMY Function (Lab)
  • Using Intrinsic C/AL Functions
  • Creating Your Own Functions
  • Creating Your Own Functions (Lab)

Reports (15 topics)

  • Reports Overview
  • Types of Printed Reports
  • The Report Designers
  • Create a Data Model (Lab)
  • Design the Page Layout (Lab)
  • Experiment with Report Sections (Lab)
  • TransHeaders and TransFooters (Lab)
  • Improve Your Report with Some Useful Properties (Lab)
  • Grouping in a Report (Lab)
  • Use Grouping and Indentation in a Report (Lab)
  • Create Subtotals and Grand Totals (Lab)
  • Add Subtotals and Grand Totals to Indented Data Items (Lab)
  • Add Some Advanced Features (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report: Step-by-Step

Dataports (9 topics)

  • Dataport Fundamentals
  • Designing Dataports
  • Create a Dataport that Exports in Fixed Format (Lab)
  • Refine the Dataport (Lab)
  • Export a Dataport with Variable Format (Lab)
  • Importing a Dataport in Fixed Format (Lab)
  • Importing a Dataport in Variable Format
  • Create a Basic Report (Lab)
  • Create a Basic Report: Step-by-Step

Customize the Navigation Pane (3 topics)

  • XMLport Fundamentals
  • Designing XMLports
  • Create Simple XMLports (Lab)

Codeunits (9 topics)

  • The C/SIDE Codeunit
  • Demonstration - Create and Modify Codeunits
  • Using the C/AL Editor
  • Demonstration - Define Variables, Text Constants, and Functions in Codeunits
  • Using the C/AL Symbol Menu
  • Using Codeunits
  • Temporary Tables on Forms
  • Demonstration ( Creating a Temporary Table on a Form
  • SMTP

MenuSuites (4 topics)

  • Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects
  • Customizing MenuSuite Objects
  • Exporting a MenuSuite Object
  • Upgrading MenuSuite Content

Automation Server (7 topics)

  • Automation Overview
  • Creating the Variables
  • Demonstration - Automate a Customer List Using Excel
  • Responding to Events
  • Common Problems and Limitations
  • Create a Report with Automation (Lab)
  • Create a Codeunit with Automation Capabilities (Lab)


Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 course • Basic knowledge of ERP user roles

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