M8873: C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M8873

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Dynamics Training Courses.


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Client Requirements (4 topics)

  • Diagnosis - Executive Summary
  • Analysis - Functional Requirements
  • Data Models
  • Project P

Master Tables and Forms (8 topics)

  • A Quick Refresher
  • Customers and Participants
  • Rooms
  • Testing
  • Creating Seminar Room Tables and Forms (Lab)
  • Adding Code for Seminar Rooms (Lab)
  • Creating Intructor Tables and Forms (Lab)
  • Creating Seminar Tables and Forms (Lab)

Registrations (10 topics)

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Types of Tables
  • Additional Functions
  • Solution Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Testing Seminar Registrations
  • Creating the Tables and Forms for Seminar Registration (Lab)
  • Adding Code for Seminar Charges (Lab)
  • Adding Code to the Seminar Registration Header Table and Form (Lab)
  • Adding Code for Seminar Registration Lines (Lab)

Posting (8 topics)

  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
  • Prerequisite Information
  • Posting Seminar Registrations
  • Creating the Tables and Forms for Seminar Registration Posting (Lab)
  • Creating the Codeunits and Form for Seminar Journal Posting (Lab)
  • Modifying the Tables, Forms and Codeunits for Job Posting (Lab)
  • Creating the Tables and Forms for Posted Information (Lab)
  • Creating the Codeunits for Document Posting (Lab)

Integration (6 topics)

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Seminar Feature Integration
  • Navigation Integration
  • Testing Managing Integration
  • Integrating Seminar Features (Lab)
  • Modifying Objects to Integrate Navigation (Lab)

Reporting (8 topics)

  • Prerequisite Information
  • Reporting Lab Overview
  • Participant List Reporting
  • Certificate Confirmation
  • Invoice Posting
  • Creating the Participant List Report (Lab)
  • Creating the Certificate Confirmation Report (Lab)
  • Creating the Invoice Posting Report (Lab)

Statistics (4 topics)

  • Using FlowFilters and FlowFields
  • Using FlowFilters in Calculation Formulas
  • Creating FlowFields for Sums (Lab)
  • Creating the Seminar Statistics Form (Lab)

Dimensions (15 topics)

  • Dimension Types
  • Code Walkthrough - Dimension Management Codeunit
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer's Toolkit
  • Dimensions in Master Tables, Forms, and CodeUnits
  • Dimensions in Registration
  • Dimensions in Seminar Posting
  • Dimensions in Invoicing
  • Testing
  • Modifying the DimensionManagement Codeunit (Lab)
  • Modifying the Tables and Forms for Dimensions in Master Files (Lab)
  • Modifying the Tables for Dimensions in Seminar Registrations (Lab)
  • Modifying the Forms for Dimensions in Seminar Registrations (Lab)
  • Modifying the Tables and Forms for Dimensions in Posted Seminar Registrations (Lab)
  • Modifying the Tables, Codeunits and Forms for Dimensions in Seminar Posting (Lab)
  • Modifying the Create Seminar Invoices Report for Dimensions (Lab)

Interfaces (8 topics)

  • Using an Automation Server
  • Using Custom (or OCX) Controls
  • XMLPort Triggers
  • File Handling
  • E-mail Confirmation
  • XML Participant List
  • Creating E-mail Confirmations (Lab)
  • Creating the XML Sem. Reg.-Participant List (Lab)

Deployment (3 topics)

  • Deployment Tasks
  • Ongoing Support Phase
  • Creating Contact Dataport (Lab)

Optimizing SQL Server (15 topics)

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server
  • SQL Server
  • Representation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tables and Indexes in SQL Server
  • Collation Options
  • Windows Locale
  • Collation Description
  • SQL Server Replication
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Replication
  • Backup Options
  • SQL Server Query Optimizer
  • Optimizing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application
  • Overview of NDBCS
  • Optimization of Cursors
  • Locking, Blocking, and Deadlocks
  • How SIFT Data is Stored in SQL Server


Before attending this course, it is strongly recommended that students have: - Completed Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 - Passed the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 exam

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