M2153: Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

5 Day Course
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Code M2153

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2000 Training Courses.


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Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2000 (7 topics)

  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Overview of the Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
  • Introduction to Intranets
  • Identifying Remote Access Methods
  • Communicating with Remote Offices
  • Providing Internet Access
  • Introduction to Extranets

Automating Internet Protocol (IP) Address Assignment (10 topics)

  • Overview of DHCP
  • Installing the DHCP Service
  • Authorising the DHCP Service
  • Creating and Configuring a Scope
  • Customising DHCP Functionality
  • Configuring DHCP in a Routed Network
  • Supporting DHCP
  • Labs
  • Creating and Authorising a DHCP Server
  • Configuring a DHCP Scope

Implementing Name Resolution Using DNS (11 topics)

  • Overview of the DNS Query Process
  • Installing the DNS Server Service
  • Configuring Name Resolution for Client Computers
  • Creating Zones
  • Configuring Zones
  • Configuring DNS for Internal Use
  • Integrating DNS and DHCP
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting DNS Servers
  • Labs
  • Installing and Configuring the DNS Server Service
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting a DNS Server

Implementing Name Resolution by Using WINS (8 topics)

  • Connecting to NetBIOS-Based Networks
  • WINS Overview
  • Configuring WINS Servers and Clients
  • Configuring Support for Non-WINS Clients
  • Enabling WINS Database Replication
  • Maintaining the WINS Server Database
  • Lab
  • Installing and Configuring WINS

Configuring Network Security by Using Public Key Infrastructure (8 topics)

  • Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Deploying Certificate Services
  • Using Certificates
  • Managing Certificates
  • Configuring Active Directory for Certificates
  • Troubleshooting Certificate Services
  • Lab
  • Installing and Configuring Certificate Services

Configuring Network Security by Using IPSec (6 topics)

  • Introduction to IPSec
  • Implementing IPSec
  • Configuring TCP/IP for Server Security
  • Troubleshooting Network Protocol Security
  • Lab
  • Configuring TCP/IP for Secure Connections by Using IPSec

Configuring Remote Access (9 topics)

  • Examining Remote Access in Windows 2000
  • Configuring Inbound Connections
  • Configuring Outbound Connections
  • Configuring Multilink Connections
  • Configuring Authentication Protocols
  • Configuring Encryption Protocols
  • Configuring Routing and Remote Access for DHCP Integration
  • Lab
  • Configuring a VPN Connection

Supporting Remote Access to a Network (7 topics)

  • Examining Remote Access Policies
  • Examining Remote Access Policy Evaluation
  • Creating a Remote Access Policy
  • Troubleshooting Remote Access
  • Labs
  • Creating a Remote Access Policy and Profile
  • Troubleshooting Remote Access

Extending Remote Access Capabilities by Using IAS (4 topics)

  • Introduction to IAS
  • Installing and Configuring IAS
  • Lab
  • Configuring Internet Authentication Service

Configuring a Windows 2000–Based Server As a Router (10 topics)

  • Overview of Routers and Routing Tables
  • Configuring Network Connections
  • Enabling Routing by Using Routing and Remote Access
  • Configuring Static Routes
  • Configuring a Routing Interface
  • Implementing Demand-Dial Routing
  • Configuring the Routing Information Protocol
  • Labs
  • Configuring Windows 2000 As a Static Router
  • Configuring a Windows 2000-Based Router

Configuring Internet Access for a Network (5 topics)

  • Options for Connecting a Network to the Internet
  • Configuring Internet Access by Using a Router
  • Configuring Internet Access by Using NAT
  • Lab
  • Configuring Internet Access by Using NAT

Configuring a Web Server (8 topics)

  • Overview of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Preparing for an IIS Installation
  • Installing IIS
  • Configuring a Web Site
  • Administering IIS
  • Troubleshooting IIS
  • Lab
  • Configuring a Web Server

Deploying Windows 2000 Professional by Using RIS (9 topics)

  • RIS Overview
  • Installing and Configuring RIS
  • Configuring Remote Installation Options
  • Deploying Images by Using RIS
  • Creating an RIPrep Image
  • Comparing CD-Based Images and RIPrep Images
  • Identifying Solutions to RIS Problems
  • Lab
  • Deploying Windows 2000 Professional by Using Remote Installation Services

Managing a Windows 2000 Network (6 topics)

  • Windows 2000 Administrative Strategies
  • Performing Administrative Tasks Remotely by Using Terminal Services
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Operation
  • Implementing the Windows 2000 SNMP Service
  • Lab
  • Managing a Windows 2000 Network

Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Network Services (17 topics)

  • Troubleshooting Network Problems
  • Identifying the Symptoms and Causes of Network Problems
  • Resolving TCP/IP Problems
  • Resolving Name Resolution Problems
  • Troubleshooting Network Services
  • Monitoring the Network
  • Labs
  • Troubleshooting Routing
  • Troubleshooting Network Problems by Using Network Monitor
  • Module 16: Configuring Network Connectivity Between Operating Systems
  • Configuring Access to NetWare Resources
  • Providing Macintosh Users Access to Windows 2000 Resources
  • Connecting to Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Hosts by Using Host Integration Server 2000
  • Connecting to UNIX Resources
  • Labs
  • Configuring Gateway Service for NetWare
  • Configuring File Services and Print Services for Macintosh


Students should have:
  • Attended course MS2152, Supporting Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server, or have equivalent knowledge
  • An understanding of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

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