M8601: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

2 Day Course
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This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to explain the basic concepts and general functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and to use central application functionality for the most common business tasks.


After completing this course you will be able to identify, describe, and use basic Microsoft Dynamics NAV features within:

  •  Platform and development
  •  General functions
  •  G/L accounts and posting groups
  •  Dimensions
  •  Inventory
  •  Purchases
  •  Sales
  • Document approvals.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for people who are new to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and who plan to work with the program at any level. All students of the Introduction course are expected to continue a learning path by attending other courses that build on top of the content in this course.

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Technology Overview (4 topics)

  • SIDE Development Environment
  • Database Features
  • Application Server
  • Multilanguage Functionality

Use General Functions (10 topics)

  • Overview
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Use the Toolbars
  • Use and Personalize the Navigation Pane
  • Use Different Window Types
  • Change How Windows Display
  • Enter and Edit Information
  • Link to External Files
  • Extract Information
  • Use MapPoint

Basic Administration (3 topics)

  • Posting Groups
  • G/L Account Cards
  • The Chart of Accounts Window

Add and View Dimensions (4 topics)

  • Overview
  • Demonstration - Add Dimensions to a Purchase Order
  • Demonstration - View Posted Purchases by Project Code
  • Lab - Add and View Dimensions

Manage Items (5 topics)

  • The Item Card
  • Demonstration - Create a New Item
  • Use the Item Card
  • View Item Availability
  • Analyze Item Figures

Process Purchases (14 topics)

  • Overview
  • Demonstration - Create A Vendor
  • Demonstration - Create a Purchase Order
  • Demonstration - Create a Purchase Invoice
  • Demonstration - Pay a Vendor
  • Demonstration - Create a Payment Journal line Manually
  • Demonstration - Adjust the General Ledger
  • Demonstration - Analyze Transaction Entries
  • Lab - Create a New Hardware Vendor
  • Lab - Purchase Hardware from the New Vendor
  • Lab - Receive and Invoice the Hardware
  • Lab - Record an Automobile Maintenance Expense
  • Lab - Pay the Automobile Maintenance Expense
  • Lab - Adjust the Posted Automobile Maintenance Expense

Process Sales (7 topics)

  • Overview
  • Demonstration - Create a Customer
  • Demonstration - Create a Sales Quote
  • Demonstration - Process the Sales Order
  • Demonstration - Receive Payment from a Customer
  • Lab - Sell Wooden Doors to an Existing Customer
  • Lab - Receive Payment for the Wooden Doors

High Availability Features (5 topics)

  • Overview
  • Demonstration - Request Approval of a Document
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Demonstration - Approve a Document
  • Substitute Approvers

Browse Other Application Areas (8 topics)

  • Marketing
  • Jobs and Resources
  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Notification
  • eCommerce

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