Sun Java System Access Manager: Configuration & Customisation

5 Day Course
Code AM-3480

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Installing Sun Java System Access Manager (7 topics)

  • Define identity and federated identity
  • Describe the Sun Java System identity management framework
  • Identify Access Manager components
  • Describe Policy Agent software
  • Describe the hardware and pre-installed files on your lab system
  • Install the Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition and Sun Java System Web Server software
  • Install the Access Manager software

Configuring and Deploying Access Manager and Policy Agent Software (11 topics)

  • Identify deployment components
  • List basic deployment scenarios
  • Identify Java ES installation options that impact deployment
  • Describe Access Manager configuration
  • Configure Policy Agent instances
  • Configure the secure sockets layer (SSL) with Access Manager
  • Start and stop Access Manager and Policy Agent instances
  • Secure the Access Manager web container
  • Configure the Access Manager instance
  • Configure the Example Chocolates web site
  • Install and configure Policy Agent software

Configuring Access Manager Realms (10 topics)

  • Describe the types of data that Access Manager uses
  • Describe Access Manager realms
  • Describe realm and legacy modes
  • Describe data store types
  • Configure data stores
  • Describe Access Manager management tools
  • Create and configure realms
  • Prepare the Example Chocolates user directory
  • Create a realm using the CLI
  • Create and configure realms using the console and the CLI

Configuring Access Manager Services (8 topics)

  • Describe Access Manager services
  • Configure Access Manager services using the console
  • Configure Access Manager services using the CLI
  • Describe service configuration for new realms
  • Locate service files
  • Configure the Session Service using the CLI
  • Configure the Session Service using the console
  • Describe the service configuration for a new realm

Logging, Debugging, and Monitoring (9 topics)

  • Locate, configure, and interpret Access Manager log files and database tables
  • Locate and configure debug files
  • Locate and configure Policy Agent log files
  • Monitor Access Manager instances using Java ES monitoring
  • Review Access Manager log files
  • Log on to a relational database
  • Enable message-level debugging
  • Monitor Java ES objects (optional)

Configuring Authentication (11 topics)

  • Describe the Access Manager authentication process
  • Configure Access Manager authentication
  • Configure Access Manager sessions
  • Describe SSO
  • Configure a customized authentication interface
  • Configure data store authentication
  • Configure an authentication chain with multiple authentication module instances
  • Configure account lockout for a realm
  • Use Access Manager for programmatic authentication (optional)
  • Customize the authentication interface templates for a realm (optional)
  • Localize the authentication interface for a realm (optional)

Configuring Policy (11 topics)

  • Describe policy
  • Describe the policy architecture
  • Describe policy components
  • Describe policy storage
  • Administer policy
  • Configure policies using the console
  • Delegate administration
  • Configure a different default login URL in the Policy Agent
  • Create policies for the Example Chocolates web site
  • Create a policy that uses realm authentication
  • Delegate administration to users

Exploring Policy Evaluation (3 topics)

  • Describe policy evaluation principles
  • Examine a policy evaluation example
  • Locate policy evaluation request and policy decision documents and review the Access Manager policy log files

Analyzing Federated Identity Scenarios (6 topics)

  • Define federated identity
  • Identify business scenarios addressed by federated identity
  • Describe basic federated identity technologies and how they solve business problems
  • Describe federation frameworks
  • Describe the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Analyze business problems addressed by federated identity and describe technologies that provide solutions

Configuring SAML Version 1 Single Sign-On (5 topics)

  • Describe SAML 1 assertions, protocols, and bindings
  • Describe SAML 1 profiles
  • Configure SAML 1 support on Access Manager
  • Sign SAML assertions
  • Configure SSO using SAML version 1.1

Cisco Unified Messaging Subscriber Configuration (5 topics)

  • Describe advanced federated identity technologies
  • Identify advanced identity federation frameworks
  • Describe framework implementation in Access Manager
  • Federate accounts on an identity provider and a service provider
  • Federate and defederate accounts

Deploying Access Manager for High Availability (8 topics)

  • Describe cross-domain single sign-on (CDSSO)
  • Describe and configure distributed authentication
  • Describe and configure high availability
  • Perform advanced configuration
  • Configure and secure new Web Server instances
  • Configure a second Access Manager instance
  • Configure the Policy Agent to fail over to the second Access Manager instance
  • Configure the Policy Agent to work with load-balanced Access Manager instances


To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to: - Demonstrate proficiency with the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) - Navigate a directory information tree (DIT) - Install the Sun Java Enterprise System - Demonstrate proficiency with XML and interpret Document Type Definition (DTD) files - Demonstrate familiarity with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) - Demonstrate familiarity with Java programming and JavaServer Pages (JSP pages) - Demonstrate familiarity with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) - Demonstrate familiarity with Java programming and JavaServer Pages(JSP pages)

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