M6434: Automating Windows Server 2008 Administration with Windows PowerShell

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M6434

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2008 Training Courses.


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Introduction to Microsoft Windows PowerShell (2 topics)

  • Introduction to Windows PowerShell
  • Installing Windows PowerShell in Windows Server 2008

Overview of Microsoft Windows PowerShell (4 topics)

  • Overview of Objects
  • Working with Cmdlets
  • Tab Expansion, Aliases, and History
  • Using Variables and Types

Building Pipelines for Assembly-Line Style Processing (4 topics)

  • Connecting the Pipeline
  • Using Arrays
  • Filtering and Iterating Through the Pipeline
  • Reordering Objects in a Pipeline

Managing Processes and Formatting Cmdlet Output (2 topics)

  • Controlling Tasks and Processes in Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Presenting Information with Specific Formatting

Implementing Scripts to Perform a Sequence of Operations (4 topics)

  • Writing Windows PowerShell Scripts
  • Security in Windows PowerShell
  • Scripting Life-Cycle Methodologies
  • Customizing Windows PowerShell with Profiles

Implementing Flow Control and Functions (3 topics)

  • Controlling the Flow of Execution Within Scripts
  • Iteration Flow Control
  • Developing and Using Functions

Working with Files, the Registry, and Certificate Stores (5 topics)

  • Using Cmdlets to Access Data Stores
  • Using Providers to Access the Registry and Certificate Store
  • Filtering and Selecting with Regular Expressions
  • Implementing Event Log Management
  • Moving Objects In and Out of Files

Using Microsoft Windows PowerShell with WMI (5 topics)

  • Introduction to WMI Objects
  • Managing Disk Volumes Using Windows PowerShell with WMI
  • Managing Shadow Copies Using Windows PowerShell with WM
  • Managing Shared Folders with Windows PowerShell
  • Configuring Terminal Server Using Windows PowerShell with WMI

Administering Active Directory with Microsoft Windows PowerShell (3 topics)

  • Administering Domains and Forests Using .NET Objects
  • Managing User Accounts and Groups Using COM Objects
  • Managing Relationships Between Users and Groups

Administering Group Policy in Microsoft Windows PowerShell (4 topics)

  • Managing GPOs Using the GPMC COM Interface
  • Using XML with Group Policy
  • Managing Group Policy Settings
  • Reporting Group Policy

Managing Internet Information Services 7.0 (2 topics)

  • Comparing IIS 7.0 Windows PowerShell Management Interfaces
  • Administering IIS 7.0 with Windows PowerShell


In addition to having attended M6430 or possessing the equivalent knowledge, it is recommended that delegates have completed M2433: MS Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Microsoft Windows Script Host Essentials or possess equivalent knowledge of scripting and automation in Windows.

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