M6432: Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers

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This two day instructor led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage and maintain Windows Server 2008 Active Directory servers. The course focuses on the Active Directory server lifecycle by creating baselines, monitoring the system health, and maintaining security for the Active Directory servers. The course also focuses on managing Active Directory Domain Services and Active Directory service roles.


Course Objectives:

  • Plan and identify different approaches to Active Directory server deployment
  • Add and remove the Active Directory Domain Services server role
  • Identify strategies for developing, monitoring, and reviewing baselines
  • Create baselines for different Active Directory roles with the appropriate metrics using the Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor
  • Create and evaluate a monitoring plan based on business needs and environments
    Determine the health of Active Directory servers using performance monitoring and event log triggers
  • Configure effective alerts and responses as well as evaluate alternative recommendations for Active Directory Domain Services servers to meet a business goal
  • Describe and implement the methodology of maintaining Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services
  • Perform Active Directory Domain Services maintenance and administrative tasks
  • Explain and deploy proven methods to harden the Active Directory servers
  • Decide which Server 2008 security features can address a given business situation
  • Add server roles to a Windows 2008 network
  • Deploy and operate an Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services server role.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for Server Administrators who are familiar with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and who are, or will be, responsible for the daily management and maintenance of Server 2008 Active Directory servers. It is also intended for IT professionals who could benefit from acquiring the skills required by a Server 2008 Active Directory Server Administrator, such as a Server Administrator who is responsible for Network Application servers and works closely with the Active Directory Server Administrator, or an Enterprise Administrator who wants to understand the operational requirements of Server 2008 Active Directory Servers before designing a network server infrastructure.

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Managing an Active Directory Server Lifecycle (4 topics)

  • Planning an Active Directory Server Deployment
  • Active Directory Server Deployment Technologies
  • Adding Active Directory Domain Services Server Roles
  • Removing Active Directory Services Server Roles

Creating Baselines for Active Directory Servers (5 topics)

  • Methodologies for Implementing Baselines
  • Using the Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor to Create Baselines
  • Creating Baselines for Active Directory Servers
  • Using the Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor to Create Baselines
  • Creating Baselines for Active Directory Servers

Monitoring the System Health of the Active Directory Servers (4 topics)

  • Overview of System Health
  • Using Long-Term Monitoring to Identify Trends
  • Setting Thresholds and Alerts for Short-Term Monitoring
  • Choosing the Appropriate Server 2008 Monitoring Tools

Managing Active Directory Domain Services (6 topics)

  • Restarting and Restoring the Active Directory
  • Overview of the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles
  • Evaluating Sites and Replication
  • Managing Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs)
  • Methods of Managing the Server Core
  • Best Practices for Group Policy Objects and Links

Carrier Access: Carrier-to-Carrier Connections (5 topics)

  • Server Hardening Techniques
  • Using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer to Discover and Remove Security Holes
  • Using Fine-Grained Password Policies to Simply Network Organization
  • Planning Security Auditing
  • Enhancing Physical Security

Managing Active Directory Service Roles (5 topics)

  • Using Server 2008 Tools for Certificate Services
  • Implementing Lightweight Directory Services
  • Overview of Active Directory Federation Services
  • Overview of Rights Management Services
  • Delegating the Active Directory Administration


Additional Learning

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