M6426: Configuring Identity and Access Solutions with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M6426

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2008 Training Courses.


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Exploring Identity and Access Solutions (3 topics)

  • Overview of Identity and Access Management
  • Active Directory Server Roles in Identity and Access Management
  • Identity Lifecycle Manager

Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services (4 topics)

  • Overview of Public Key Infrastructure
  • Deploying a Certification Authority Hierarchy
  • Installing Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Managing a Certification Authority

Deploying and Managing Certificates (5 topics)

  • Deploying Certificates by Using AD CS
  • Deploying Certificates by Using Autoenrollment
  • Revoking Certificates
  • Configuring Certificate Templates
  • Configuring Certificate Recovery

Configuring Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (4 topics)

  • Installing and Configuring AD LDS
  • Configuring AD LDS Instances
  • Configuring AD LDS Replication
  • Configuring AD LDS Integration with AD DS

Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (4 topics)

  • Overview of AD FS
  • AD FS Deployment Scenarios
  • Deploying AD FS
  • Implementing AD FS Claims

Configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services (4 topics)

  • Overview of AD RMS
  • Installing and Configuring AD RMS Server Components
  • Administering AD RMS
  • Implementing AD RMS Trust Policies

Maintenance of Access Management Solutions (4 topics)

  • Support for AD CS
  • Maintenance of AD LDS
  • Long-term support for AD FS
  • Preservation of AD RMS

Troubleshooting Identity and Access Solutions (4 topics)

  • Troubleshooting AD CS
  • Troubleshooting AD LDS
  • Troubleshooting AD FS
  • Troubleshooting AD RMS


This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites: - Technical knowledge equivalent to 6424: Fundamentals of Microsoft Server 2008 Active Directory - Technical background knowledge and hands-on experience of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS from the AD TS foundation exam). This includes technical knowledge equivalent to 6425A: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services

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