IPT: IP Transfer Point

4 Day Course
Hands On
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Code ITP

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Internetwork CCIP Training Courses.


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Bridging and Switching (5 topics)

  • Deployment Models
  • Platforms Architecture
  • MAP Gateway
  • QoS, Design Resiliency and SCTP Bundling
  • Network Management and Monitoring

IOS Basics (7 topics)

  • The User Interface
  • Router Configuration Components
  • Router Configuration Modes
  • Configuring E1/T1 Controllers and IP Addresses
  • Examining Router Status
  • Sources for IOS Software
  • Test Procedure

SS7 Overview (5 topics)

  • Drivers for SS7
  • SS7 Concepts
  • SS7 Protocols: Message Transfer Part
  • SS7 Protocols: Application Part
  • Configuring SS7 Links and Link Sets

SS7oIP Features and Functions (4 topics)

  • Introduction to SS7oIP
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Configuring SCTP Links and Link Sets
  • MTP2-User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation

M3UA and SUA (4 topics)

  • M3UA and SUA Concepts and Features
  • M3UA Gateway for IP Application End Nodes
  • SUA Gateway for IP Application End Nodes
  • Configuring and Monitoring M3UA and SUA

High-Speed Signalling Links (HSL) (2 topics)

  • The HSL Protocol Stack
  • ITP HSL Implementation

Global Title Translation (3 topics)

  • SCCP and Global Title Translation Functions
  • ITP and GTT Features
  • Configuring GTT

ITP Multi-Instances (2 topics)

  • Features and Functions
  • Configuration and Monitoring

Gateway Screening (2 topics)

  • Gateway screening principles
  • Configuration and Monitoring gateway screening

Multi-Layer Routing (2 topics)

  • Multi-Layer SMS Routing Principles
  • Configuring and Monitoring MLR

Designing an ITP Network (2 topics)

  • Capacity Planning
  • ITP Fine-Tuning

Cisco Databases for Telecommunication (7 topics)

  • Number Portability Network Options
  • Number Portability Effects on Networks
  • CDT Architecture and Deployment Models
  • ARD and MNP SRF-INAP-ATI Portability
  • Portability Specific Features
  • CDT Database
  • ITP Configuration for CDT

ITP Maintenance, Monitoring and Troubleshooting (3 topics)

  • Maintaining the ITP
  • Monitoring the ITP
  • Troubleshooting the ITP


All delegates should have a working knowledge of: - Basic IPS skills - Basic SS7 knowledge - Basic TCP/IP knowledge

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