UMTS Core Network Signalling

2 Day Course
Code PWS033

This course has been retired. For the latest in wireless technology training, please see our 5G courses.


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Voice over IP Signalling using SIP (12 topics)

  • SIP sessions
  • Basic SIP message types
  • SIP proxy servers
  • Registration
  • Media description using SDP
  • Basic SIP signalling examples
  • SIP addressing architecture
  • SIP message formats
  • SIP interworking with ISUP (SIP-T)
  • Extensions to SIP for enhanced call control
  • Resource reservation integration with SIP
  • Example signalling flows

Media Gateway Control Protocol (H.248) (5 topics)

  • The Media Gateway/Gateway controller architecture
  • Terminations and contexts
  • Media descriptions
  • Voice and multimedia sessions
  • Transactions

Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) (4 topics)

  • Principles of BICC operation
  • Call Bearer Control
  • UMTS extensions to BICC
  • Example signalling flows

Signalling Transport (Sigtran) (3 topics)

  • Carrying SS7 signalling protocols over IP
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Applications of Sigtran in 3G networks

Distributed CS core architecture (6 topics)

  • Signalling relationships
  • ATM bearer establishment
  • IP Bearer Establishment
  • Example signalling flows

Signalling Quality of Service (5 topics)

  • RSVP signalling of QoS
  • IP Differentiated Services architecture
  • Marking IP packets
  • Traffic policing and shaping
  • IP and ATM QoS interworking

Multiprotocol Label Switching (6 topics)

  • Overview of operation
  • Label Switched Paths
  • MPLS traffic engineering
  • RSVP signalling for MPLS
  • MPLS for QoS delivery
  • Interworking with Differentiated Services

Signalling in the CS Domain (7 topics)

  • Call establishment with the PSTN
  • Interworking with voice over IP
  • Signalling and Media Gateways
  • Codec and resource negotiation
  • Quality of service mapping
  • Bearer establishment
  • Example signalling flows

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (8 topics)

  • Harmonization of the CS and PS domains
  • Architecture of the IMS
  • SIP servers and the CSCF
  • Registration by the UE
  • Session establishment
  • Interworking with the CS domain
  • Interworking with voice over IP
  • Multi-party sessions


The seminar is intended for engineers building UMTS networks, developing or testing UMTS equipment, or those concerned with the detailed planning of UMTS deployment. It takes a functional approach to describing the subject matter and includes many signalling-flow examples so that the sequence of signalling may be understood.

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Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

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An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

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