CCIESEC CCIE Security - Lab Preparation

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ASA/PIX Firewall (14 topics)

  • Initial Configuration of PIX/ASA
  • Routing
  • Translations and Connections
  • Access Control Lists and Object Groups
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Control URL's and FTP commands using MPF
  • Running BGP thru the Firewall
  • TCP Normalization
  • Transparent Firewall
  • ARP inspection on Firewall
  • Virtual Firewalls (Security Contexts)
  • Active/Standby Failover
  • Statefull Failover
  • Active/Active Failover

IPSEC/VPN (12 topics)

  • LAN-to-LAN IPSec using NAT-T
  • IPSec Hairpinning
  • EZVPN in Client and Network Extension Mode
  • QoS with IPSec
  • DMVPN thru the Firewall
  • Basic Configuration of VPN Concentrator
  • Routing on the Concentrator
  • Administration and Filtering on the Concentrator
  • LAN-to-LAN Tunnel on the Concentrator
  • EZVPN on the Concentrator in Client Mode
  • EZVPN on the Concentrator in Network Extension Mode without XAUTH
  • Remote Access on the Concentrator with RRI and Split Tunnelling

IPS Sensor (8 topics)

  • IPS in Promiscuous Mode
  • Blocking Using ASA
  • IPS in Inline Mode - Interface Pair and Inline VLAN Pair
  • Signature Tuning
  • Custom Stream Signatures
  • Custom HTTP Signatures
  • Custom Packet Signatures

Access Management (8 topics)

  • Configuring ACS for Network Devices
  • Configuring Users and Groups on ACS Server
  • Configuring Routers, Switches and ASA/PIX for Management Authentication using ACS Server
  • Configuring Command Authorization based on the ACS server
  • Configuring Accounting based on the ACS Server
  • Configuring Authentication Proxy on the ASA
  • Configuring Authentication on the Concentrator from the ACS Server
  • Configuring NAC-802.1X Authentication on the Switch

Advanced Network Security and Network Attacks (12 topics)

  • Preventing IP Spoofing
  • Configuring NAT on Routers
  • Configuring IP TCP Intercept
  • Blocking ICMP Attacks
  • Port Security on the Switches
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
  • IP Source Guard
  • Mitigating Attacks using CAR
  • Mitigating Attacks using NBAR
  • IOS Firewall
  • Blocking attacks using PBR


At least 2 years hands-on experience with Cisco Security and SAFE Blueprint architecture. Students should have passed the CCIE Security Written exam and may already hold some of the security certifications such as CCSP, etc.

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