UTRAN Transport Network

2 Day Course
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This course has been retired. For the latest in wireless technology training, please see our 5G courses.


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Architectural Review (12 topics)

  • Mobile services Switching Centre (MSC)
  • GPRS Support Nodes (GSNs)
  • Serving, Controlling and Drift Radio Network Controllers (RNCs)
  • Node Bs and radio cells
  • Radio Network Subsystems connecting to Core Network
  • Principal interfaces within the PLMN
  • Identifiers used within the PLMN
  • Radio interface logical channels
  • Radio interface transmission blocks
  • MAC diversity and location of MAC entities
  • Radio Resource Control and Radio Link Control
  • Handover scenarios

Common Transport Network Layer Aspects (10 topics)

  • ATM AAL2 and AAL5 protocols
  • Carrying voice and data packets across AAL2 using I.366.1
  • AMR frame format
  • AAL2 signalling, capability set 1 (ALCAP)
  • Use of Binding Id with ALCAP
  • ALCAP signalling transport converters Q.2150.1/2
  • Signalling System 7 basics
  • Message Transfer Part 2 and 3
  • Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer (SAAL)
  • Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol (SSCOP)

Internal UTRAN interfaces, Iub and Iur (6 topics)

  • Functions provided by control signalling (NBAP and RNSAP)
  • Control signalling transport options
  • User plane protocols supported
  • User plane data transport
  • Transport control protocol
  • Transport control signalling bearer options

UTRAN to Core Network Circuit Switched services, Iu-CS (8 topics)

  • Functions provided by control signalling (RANAP)
  • Control signalling transport
  • Iu-user plane protocol support mode
  • User plane data transport
  • Transport control protocol
  • Transport control signalling bearer
  • Distributed MSC architectures
  • Use of H.248 gateway control

UTRAN to Core Network Packet Switched services, Iu-PS and Iu_BC (6 topics)

  • Functions provided by control signalling (RANAP)
  • Iu-user plane protocol transparent mode
  • GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) Control
  • GTP user plane protocol
  • Tunnel Endpoint Identifiers
  • GTP transport across Iu-PS

Other Core Network Interfaces (8 topics)

  • Server to server interfaces Gn and Gp
  • Extending GTP tunnels from the SGSN to the GGSN
  • GGSN selection
  • SGSN handover
  • Interfacing with other Public Lane Mobile Networks
  • Transport of GTP-C and GTP-U over IP
  • Gi interfaces to other packet data networks
  • Classical IP and inverse ARP

Application and Interworking issues (11 topics)

  • PLMN and ISDN/PSTN interworking
  • SIP as a multimedia control protocol
  • SIP-T for VoIP interworking
  • PLMN and packet switched public data network interworking
  • Packet Data Protocols (PDPs)
  • PDP context activation, modification, and release
  • PDP address assignment and Access Point Names
  • Static and dynamic IP address assignment
  • Access to IP VPNs from mobile terminals
  • Mobile IP support within UMTS
  • The future role of IPv6

Evolution towards an all-IP network (4 topics)

  • Signalling transport over IP
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
  • MTP3 user adaptation (M3UA)
  • MPLS and Differentiated Services roles in IP based core networks

Distributed Packet Switched Voice Architectures (5 topics)

  • Media Gateways and Signalling Gateways
  • Media Gateway Controllers
  • H.248 "Megaco" media gateway control protocol
  • Terminations and Contexts
  • H.248 transactions

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