Microsoft Expression Web: Introduction

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This Microsoft Expression Web course provides the basics for building and maintaining websites that include images and links. In this class, you’ll discover how to create CSS based Web content as well as update and maintain web sites using Expression Web.

What you will learn:

  • The Expression Web Workspace
  • Working with Web Sites using Expression Web
  • Working with Text in Expression Web
  • Working with Images using Expression Web
  • Working with Hyperlinks using Expression Web
  • Formatting text using CSS Tools in Expression Web
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Working With Tables
  • Publishing to the Web

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Introduction (4 topics)

  • Exploring the interface
  • Setting the page size
  • Using the Task Panes and Toolbars
  • HTML and CSS

Planning your website (5 topics)

  • Understanding your audience
  • Creating template based sites
  • Converting existing assets (graphics and logos) for the web
  • Importing an existing site
  • Using the Website View

Working with pages (2 topics)

  • Setting page properties
  • Previewing pages in a browser

Working with text (5 topics)

  • Entering and selecting text
  • Indenting paragraphs
  • Aligning text
  • Creating headings
  • Creating lists

Working with images (4 topics)

  • Importing images
  • Adding borders, margins or padding
  • Resizing and resampling images
  • Understanding image formats

Creating links (3 topics)

  • Adding and targeting links
  • Using the Hyperlinks tools
  • Creating image links

Creating styles with CSS (8 topics)

  • Using the CSS tools
  • Creating font sets
  • Creating Tag-based styles
  • Creating Class-based styles
  • Creating Inline styles
  • Copying and changing styles
  • Creating style sheets
  • Problem solving

Creating layouts with CSS (4 topics)

  • Positioning properties
  • Using the Font and Clear tags
  • Using contextual selectors
  • Creating CSS layouts from scratch

Adding interactive behaviours (3 topics)

  • Creating interactive buttons
  • Adding behaviours to elements
  • Using Jump menus

Adding tables (5 topics)

  • Selecting table elements
  • Splitting and merging cells
  • Formatting tables and cells
  • Adding Excel spreadsheets
  • Using layout tables

Adding forms (5 topics)

  • Adding form fields
  • Adding group boxes
  • Check boxes and radio buttons
  • Adding submit and reset buttons
  • Saving form results

Publishing your site (2 topics)

  • Checking your site's functionality
  • Publishing selected pages

Data binding (4 topics)

  • Introducing data source controls
  • Using the sqlDataSource control
  • Displaying and editing middle-tier data using the ObjectDataSource control
  • Displaying XML data

Displaying data with the GridView control (2 topics)

  • Filtering data in the GridView control
  • Allowing users to select from a drop down list

Validating user input (3 topics)

  • Overview of ASP.NET validation controls
  • Using the simple validators
  • Separating validation into validation groups

Themes and master pages (2 topics)

  • Creating a consistent website
  • Working with master pages

Going live (3 topics)

  • Attracting traffic to your site
  • Testing on different browsers
  • Accessibility issues


Because of the amount of material we cover in class; we do require students to be comfortable using a mouse, opening/ saving files, and the standard operations of computers. While we will make every reasonable effort to help students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class. No prior Microsoft Expression Blend experience is presumed.

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