Motion 3: an Introduction

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This Apple authorised two day course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Motion 3, Apple’s powerful motion graphics design application.

The course covers interface fundamentals, behaviour-based animation, parameter behaviours, blend modes, advanced particle system design, advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking methods, DVD motion menu design, tablet-driven gesture UI techniques, working with audio, keyframing and integration.

This course provides a detailed insight into the features and functionality of Motion 3. If you want to create a tailored course adapted to your specific project or requirements, please give us a call.

Having completed this course, you are eligible to take the Apple Pro Level One Certification Exam at Media Training. For details about taking the Apple Certification exams please call us.

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Introduction: Getting started (1 topic)

  • The Apple Pro Certification program

A tour of Motion 3 (13 topics)

  • Hot keys
  • Gestural input
  • Importing footage
  • Setting the play range
  • Adding layers
  • Cloning and instancing
  • Applying behaviours
  • Using the Motion Path behaviours
  • Soloing RAM previews
  • Freezing tracks
  • Deactivating behaviours and filters
  • Particle simulations
  • Adding a third dimension and using Autosave

Generators and Particle Presets (8 topics)

  • Applying generators from the library
  • Motion-blur dependent presets
  • Core image content
  • Working in the Inspector
  • Working with gradients
  • Using Hotboxes and Sliders
  • Using image wells
  • Rendering and asset management

Groups, layers and blend modes (6 topics)

  • Creating multi-layered composites
  • Navigating the layers tab
  • Creating text
  • Modifying blend modes
  • Nesting and collapsing
  • Working in Float Space

The third dimension (5 topics)

  • Converting from 2D to 3D
  • First Person Shooter navigation
  • Adding lights
  • 3D texture properties
  • Working with behaviours in 3D

Using templates (2 topics)

  • Using Motion's templates
  • Creating your own templates

Creating text effects (2 topics)

  • Animating text on a path
  • Working with 3D text

Particles and behaviours (2 topics)

  • Building particles
  • Birth, death and life

The Replicator (3 topics)

  • Replicating a clip
  • Adjusting the replictor shape
  • Applying the Sequence Replicator behaviour

Advanced particle design (5 topics)

  • Sprites
  • Multiple particles
  • Emitter shapes
  • Blending
  • Particles in 3D space

Keyframing (5 topics)

  • Setting keys manually
  • Record animation modes
  • Working in the Keyframe editor
  • Parameter hotkeys
  • Working with keyframes in the timeline

Painting in Motion (5 topics)

  • Basic painting
  • Write-on effect
  • Changing stroke properties
  • Applying dynamics and behaviours
  • Creating 3D effects with paint strokes

Keying and shapes (5 topics)

  • Pulling a key
  • Treating the edges
  • Creating a Garbage Matte
  • Keyframing the Garbage Matte
  • Rotoscoping with the B-spline tool

Tracking and Matchmoving (4 topics)

  • Tracking defined
  • Smoothing footage
  • Adding glass to the screen
  • Tracking with filter centre points

Roundtripping, non-linear editing and O-flow retiming (6 topics)

  • Frame blending vs O-flow
  • Makers into Motion from Final Cut
  • Using the content in Motion
  • Returning to Final Cut Pro
  • Creating Motion menus with DVD Studio Pro
  • Soundtrack Pro integration

Audio and markers (5 topics)

  • Mixing in sound effects
  • Multi-channel audio file support
  • Using the Waveform editor
  • Using the Keyframe editor
  • Adding markers and driving animation using audio behaviours

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The instructors knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”

Vice President, ABS-CBN

An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”

MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

Good course, well presented. Good content and mix of theory and practical alike.”

Software Engineer, Commscope

Very good overview of technologies new and old.”

Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1

Very good background to help our development away from Broadcast TV.”

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Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”

Software Manager, Panasonic

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