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Visual Basic Script is a simple scripting language designed to make HTML more powerful and interactive. For millions of web developers and designers who got started by developing HTML and XHTML skills, VBScript is a very popular next step. This two day course is designed for those who wish to add VBScript functionality to their websites or build more interactive and responsive online content for their users.

With VBScript you can link and automate a wide variety of objects in web pages, including ActiveX Controls and Java applets. VBScript also lets web developers without in-depth technical experience embed commands into their HTML code that call up Java animations and add clocks and time-based features to web pages. VBScripts also allow web pages to ask questions, gather information from visitors and provide other user-centred controls.

This two day course is a comprehensive introduction to VBScript.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • VBScript vs Visual Basic
  • Understanding Client-side and Server-side scripting
  • VBScript and ASP

VBScript programming (2 topics)

  • Basic syntax
  • Client-side vs Server-side

VBScript data types (2 topics)

  • Variant subtypes
  • Checking for TypeName and Null conditionals

- (2 topics)

  • Dealing with arrays
  • Writing sub-procedures and functions

Conversion functions (2 topics)

  • Numbers
  • Dates

Format functions (4 topics)

  • Formatting currencies
  • Formatting dates
  • Formatting numbers
  • Formatting percentages

Event handlers (2 topics)

  • User independent
  • User dependent

Form handling (2 topics)

  • Using Set
  • Passing control back after validation

Using Loops (3 topics)

  • For...Next
  • For Each...Next
  • Do...Loop

- (2 topics)

  • Date and string functions
  • Date and time functions

Object orientation (4 topics)

  • Procedural vs object orientated
  • Understanding object orientation basics
  • Dot syntax
  • Understanding methods and properties

- (2 topics)

  • Storing VBScript externally
  • Working with the File System Object (FSO)

Essential VBScript functions (13 topics)

  • Using the following functions:
  • CCur
  • CDate
  • CInt
  • CLng
  • CreateObject
  • CSng
  • Date
  • Hour
  • InStr
  • IsEmpty
  • LTrim, RTrim and Trim
  • Replace

- (2 topics)

  • VBScript and ASP
  • VBScript and XML

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