QuarkXPress 7.0 - Introduction

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This two day Quark authorised course is designed to provide new users of QuarkXPress with an excellent grounding in this immensely powerful desktop publishing application.

This popular course covers how to produce professional documentation ranging from single page newsletters to highly sophisticated magazine layouts. The course covers all the major page layout and text handling features in QuarkXPress and highlights time-saving shortcuts and hints and tips from XPress professionals.

This course covers creating page layouts from scratch, editing existing page layouts, working with templates, using text management features, making use of styles and master pages to save production time, working with colour, importing graphics and images, creating tables, using layers and preparing your project for trouble-free printing.

This is a comprehensive introduction for those new to using QuarkXPress.

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Introduction (6 topics)

  • QuarkXPress tools
  • Documents and Projects
  • Single and multiple layouts
  • Creating text and picture boxes
  • Importing text and pictures
  • The Quark Job Jacket

Setting up pages in Quark (5 topics)

  • Setting the page size and margins
  • Columns and gutters
  • Positioning the document origin
  • Quark's measurement systems
  • Using multiple undo

The document layout palette (2 topics)

  • Creating and deleting pages
  • The Measurements palette

Text and graphics features (10 topics)

  • Framing text and picture boxes
  • Rotating graphics
  • Cropping images
  • Wrapping text around items
  • Different types of runarounds
  • Grouping and multiple selections
  • Finding and changing text
  • Linking and unlinking text boxes
  • Image editing
  • An introduction to transparency

Using Master Pages (4 topics)

  • Creating and editing Master Pages
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Creating headers and footers
  • Using a combination of Master Pages

Colour models (1 topic)

  • Creating custom colours

Creating and formatting documents (5 topics)

  • Fonts, styles and sizes
  • Working with templates
  • Leading and tracking values
  • Modifying text and picture boxes
  • Using invisibles and guides

Setting Quark preferences (2 topics)

  • Introducing tabs and rules
  • Composition zones

More text controls (2 topics)

  • Anchored text boxes
  • Using the Baseline Grid

Further text controls (6 topics)

  • Paragraph and character style sheets
  • Style sheets with templates
  • Runaround techniques
  • Soft and hard returns
  • Using space/align
  • Using the QuarkXPress library

Working with tables (3 topics)

  • The Table tool
  • Tables with picture boxes
  • Importing data from MS Excel

Working with beziers (2 topics)

  • Creating custom shapes and paths
  • Creating text on a path

Working with layers (7 topics)

  • Using layers to isolate items that should not print
  • The Layers palette
  • Adding, removing and merging layers
  • The Layer Attributes dialog box
  • Using Keep Runaround in layers
  • The Layer selection area
  • Deleting Layers

Working with context menus (2 topics)

  • Activating a context menu
  • Customising keyboard commands

Visual indicators (1 topic)

  • The purpose of visual indicators

Document facilities (3 topics)

  • Moving pages between documents
  • Importing native Photoshop files
  • Exporting as a PDF

Printing from QuarkXPress (3 topics)

  • Automatically embedding fonts, colours and images for trouble-free printing from QuarkXPress
  • Working with Job Jackets.
  • A printing checklist

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