Mac OSX: Getting Started v10.6

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This is a one day course designed to give new Mac users a full appreciation of this extremely sophisticated operating system.

The course will cover how to efficiently organise your work and the best way to configure your system settings to suit you. You will also learn how OS X works with the web, good housekeeping practice and an overview of the applications that ship with your Mac. This is a comprehensive introduction for those new to using a Mac and is designed to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Key features of OS X 10.6
  • Starting up - best practice

Looking at the menus (7 topics)

  • The Apple menu
  • System preferences
  • Shutdown, Restart and Sleep
  • The Application menu
  • The correct way to quit a program
  • Using the Go menu to best effect
  • Using the Help menu

Working with the Dock (5 topics)

  • What does the Dock do?
  • Customising its appearance
  • Adding, removing and reordering application icons
  • Adding files and folders
  • Dock menus

Using Spotlight (4 topics)

  • Searching your Mac
  • Using search folders
  • Saving search folders
  • Search privacy

Working with OS X windows (3 topics)

  • Different displays
  • Customising windows
  • Window options

The File system (5 topics)

  • The Home folder
  • Using the Public folder
  • Connecting to a Server
  • File system best practice
  • Fonts and printing

Adding fonts using Font Book (4 topics)

  • Displaying fonts
  • Selecting a printer
  • Printer tips and tricks
  • Outputting a pdf

Basic housekeeping (3 topics)

  • Using Force Quit
  • Spotting common issues
  • Housekeeping best practice

Mac OS X workflows (4 topics)

  • Customising your Mac
  • Screensavers and wallpaper
  • Adjusting icons
  • Overview of bundled apps

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