Mac OSX: For Technical Professionals

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This is a preliminary one day Apple authorised course for IT and support personnel new to Mac OS X who need to prepare for the Mac OS X Support Essentials course or other technical Mac OS X training courses.

The course focuses on getting to know the foundations of OS X and includes efficient window and application management, customising OS X and an introduction to command-line administration. The course also includes a step-by-step troubleshooting guide and efficient use of troubleshooting tools.

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OSX essentials (9 topics)

  • How OS X differs from the previous Mac OS
  • Customising system-wide preferences
  • Customising user preferences
  • How common applications integrate with each other
  • Managing multiple applications
  • Managing multiple windows within applications
  • Switching startup disks
  • Installing applications from disk images
  • Using the OS X Help system

Working with multiple users (2 topics)

  • Setting up user accounts
  • Setting up restricted access

Troubleshooting techniques (3 topics)

  • Approaches to problem-solving
  • The process of elimination
  • Troubleshooting printing problems

Networking issues (4 topics)

  • Understanding file sharing
  • Command-line administration
  • Installing printer drivers
  • Getting online

Working with fonts (2 topics)

  • Different types of fonts
  • Installing fonts in OS X

Recovering lost information (6 topics)

  • Retrieving information
  • Intercepting viruses
  • Firewall issues

Good housekeeping (2 topics)

  • Efficient use of memory
  • Good housekeeping practice

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