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Publicity is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. It increases customer awareness of your company or organisation, builds credibility and raises profile - all at no cost.

This course is designed for those new to press or PR who wish to increase the amount and quality of press and publicity their organisation receives. You will learn what makes a newsworthy story and how to write professional press releases that media organisations will want to use.

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How the press works (1 topic)

  • The structure of modern media

Press and PR (4 topics)

  • PR vs advertising
  • What are the advantages of PR?
  • Examples of effective press releases
  • Understanding common media terminology

What is the press looking for? (3 topics)

  • What makes a story newsworthy?
  • Which publications to target and when to target them
  • Paper press releases and digital press releases

Writing press releases (6 topics)

  • Following a standard press release outline
  • Getting the timing right
  • Writing a good lead paragraph
  • Writing the body of a press release
  • The recap
  • Structuring a press release to make information easily accessible

Content (6 topics)

  • Selecting newsworthy information
  • Writing attention-grabbing headlines
  • Presenting facts
  • Adding a human interest element
  • How to dilute negative information
  • Using photographs effectively

Understanding your target audience (1 topic)

  • Tailoring your press release to your audience

What makes a successful press release? (2 topics)

  • Ten tips to increase media coverage
  • The press release checklist

Building press contacts (2 topics)

  • The importance of one-to-one relationships
  • Useful resources

Questions and answers


None. This course is intended for people new to writing press releases.

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