BCRAN: Building Cisco Remote Access Networks

5 Day Course
Hands On
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Other Training Courses.


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WAN Technologies and Components (4 topics)

  • Defining WAN connection types
  • Defining WAN encapsulation protocols
  • Determining the WAN type to use
  • Selecting Cisco products for remote communications

Using AAA to Scale Access Control (2 topics)

  • Identifying Cisco Access Control Solutions
  • Building and configuring AAA

Supporting Asyncronous Modems (2 topics)

  • Connecting and operating modems
  • Configuring modems

Configuring PPP Features (2 topics)

  • Describing PPP features
  • Configuring PPP and controlling network access with PAP and CHAP

Using ISDN and DDR to Enhance Remote Connectivity (2 topics)

  • Configuring ISDN BRI
  • Configuring ISDN PRIConfiguring DDR

Using DDR Enhancements (2 topics)

  • Describing the Dialer Profile
  • Configuring Dialer Profiles

Configuring Frame Relay with Traffic Shaping (3 topics)

  • Reviewing Frame Relay
  • Configuring Frame Relay
  • Configuring Frame Relay traffic shaping

Implementing DDR Backup (2 topics)

  • Configuring Dial Backup
  • Routing with the Load Backup feature

Using QoS in Wide Area Networks (2 topics)

  • Identifying quality of service models and tools
  • Configuring congestion management

Accessing Broadband (4 topics)

  • Identifying broadband features
  • Addressing broadband with NAT
  • Describing Cable technology
  • Defining DSL technology

Virtual Private Networks (4 topics)

  • Identifying VPN features
  • Identifiying IPSEC technologies
  • Configuring IPSEC


Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites:
  • General Cisco router operation and configuration
  • TCP/IP operation and configuration
  • Routed IP Protocols and IP Utility applications
  • Routing Protocols (RIP, IGRP)
  • Standard and extended access lists,
  • Pre PPP operation and PPP configuration over serial links
  • Frame Relay operation and configuration on interfaces and subinterfaces
  • Legacy DDR over ISDN-BRI operation and configuration
These topics are covered in the CCNA courses, Introduction to Cisco Network Technologies (INTRO) and Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND). This course will is aimed at network installation and support professionals; communications and service professionals; network professionals and network administrators; CCNAs and CCNPs.