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This course looks at how people actually read copy online and how you need to prepare, write and edit your copy to meet that reality.

The course is editorial rather than technical in emphasis and will cover the principles and techniques involved in getting text right for an online environment. You are encouraged to bring in examples of your own work in order to put together your own strategy for writing online copy that works

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • Reading online - the user experience
  • The difference between online and offline consumption of text
  • Putting together a strategy for writing web copy that works

Knowing your users (2 topics)

  • Who uses your website?
  • Developing the right tone of voice

Style guides (1 topic)

  • Developing and implementing editorial content style guides

Principles of web writing (9 topics)

  • Techniques to produce targeted, relevant copy
  • Inverted pyramids
  • Heads and sells
  • Signposting your copy
  • Chunking down copy
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Self-contained copy units
  • Evergreening copy
  • Non-linear formats

Editorial formats (1 topic)

  • Creating attention-grabbing structures to standardise and simplify your content

The art of webifying (2 topics)

  • Re-purposing or webifying existing offline copy
  • Practical examples of how to take existing offline copy and turn it into accessible online copy that works

Language skills (3 topics)

  • Reducing errors and inconsistencies
  • Practical exercises designed to improve your ability to write clear, concise, user-friendly, brand-focused copy
  • Proofreading

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