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This course is for people who find themselves with web design responsibilities but who have had no formal design training.

The course will highlight the essential building blocks of good design, what works and what doesn’t on screen and how to make the best use of type, space and colour. You will also cover usability issues and highlight how to solve common web design problems.

This course is designed to help you develop new skills and improve your confidence when making design decisions.

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What is good design? (5 topics)

  • Examples of good and bad design
  • Questions to ask before you design anything
  • Defining your audience
  • Maintaining a consistent brand identity
  • Rules for good navigation

Key design elements (2 topics)

  • A guide to: relevance, contrast, proportion, consistency, restraint and detail
  • The essential building blocks of web design

Shortcuts to good design (2 topics)

  • Maintaining a swipe file
  • Good information architecture

Laying out a web page (6 topics)

  • HTML and web architecture
  • Using web applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Organisational tools
  • Using white space
  • Rules, borders, boxes and drop shadows
  • Maintaining online and offline consistency

The power of type (5 topics)

  • Constraints of type on the web
  • Text legibility
  • Text hyperlinks
  • Special type effects
  • Less is more

Working with colour (5 topics)

  • Choosing colours
  • Developing a colour theme
  • Using Hexidecimal colour
  • Understanding RGB
  • Websafe colours

Effective use of images (3 topics)

  • Using images for maximum impact
  • Optimising images
  • Using images as navigation aides

Solving common design problems (4 topics)

  • Minimising text
  • How fonts work on the web
  • Browser and plug-in compatibility
  • Cross platform issues

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