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The proliferation of websites has made the web an extraordinarily competitive place to do business.

This course is designed to give your organisation that crucial competitive edge by ensuring that your site is properly registered and positioned with the major search engines. This practical course will cover all you need to know about search engine registration and efficient maintenance of your website positioning.

This course could dramatically improve your site’s profile and visitor numbers.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • The difference between spiders and directories
  • Search Engine Optimisation vs Pay Per Click
  • Identifying key search engines

How search engines work (4 topics)

  • How is your organisation doing?
  • How do spiders see your pages?
  • How spiders index pages
  • Popularity and link equity explained

Spider killers (4 topics)

  • Working with scripts
  • Working with frames and tables
  • Avoid spider spamming and keyword stuffing
  • Doorway/gateway pages

Constructing search engine friendly pages (6 topics)

  • Structured markup
  • Instructions for robots
  • Optimising metadata
  • Optimising title syntax
  • Identifying suitable landing pages
  • Building reciprocal links

Key word search (6 topics)

  • Coming up with a master list
  • Using key word suggestion tools
  • How do I know which words my customers are actually using?
  • Can I minimise the competition for my keywords?
  • Implementing keywords into content and page structure
  • Which words should I use for SEO and which for PPC?

Buying your way in (5 topics)

  • Using link builders
  • Identifying who's who in the paid world
  • Paying for inclusion
  • Paid placement listings
  • Pay per click

Defining a plan for your company or organisation (7 topics)

  • Setting and attaining objectives
  • Planning a strategy
  • When and what to register
  • Performing spot checks
  • Monitoring your web stats
  • Maintaining your position
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation software

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