Proofreading: Introduction

1 Day Course
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This practical one day course delivers the proofreading skills needed to identify and correct mistakes so that copy achieves maximum impact.

You will cover how to read thoroughly and accurately and how to spot and correct the common spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that can ruin good copy.

This course makes extensive use of exercises to build your proofreading skills and confidence.

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Introduction (4 topics)

  • Functions of a proofreader
  • Methods of working
  • How to read thoroughly and accurately
  • Reading on paper and on screen

Proofreading and editing marks (4 topics)

  • Understanding proofreader's marks and terminology
  • Commonly used terms: ens, ems, points, picas
  • Different types of proof
  • The dangers of relying on grammar or spelling checkers

Spotting mistakes (6 topics)

  • Dealing with tables and complicated pages
  • How to read and correct page proofs
  • Cutting and making lines
  • Keeping a checklist
  • Spelling and punctuation tips
  • Regularly misspelt words

Punctuation (3 topics)

  • Punctuation marks defined
  • Punctuation in the real world
  • When the rules can be broken

Grammar (2 topics)

  • Avoiding common errors
  • Changes in current usage

Working with the author (1 topic)

  • The role of tact

Avoiding the common pitfalls (4 topics)

  • Misspelling headlines
  • Wrong telephone numbers or email addresses
  • Incorrect prices
  • Misplaced headlines or captions

Practical exercises

Questions and answers

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