News Writing: Introduction

2 Day Course
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This course is designed to give a comprehensive all round introduction to news writing.

All the essential aspects of news reporting are covered including how to find and shape ideas for news stories; what to ask when an editor is briefing you; how to make sure you get all the facts you need to write a fully-rounded news report with no gaps or unanswered questions; how to interview subjects, get the quotes you need and present them accurately - and how to write to deadlines.

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What makes a news story? (2 topics)

  • The fundamental requirements for any story to be classified as news
  • Knowing your audience - what will be new and of interest to them?

Developing a nose for finding news (2 topics)

  • Learning where news is to be found and how to get at it
  • How to find an angle that makes a story worth reporting

Researching a story (2 topics)

  • The internet, archives, published and unpublished sources
  • Who to ask to find out what will make your story new and fresh

Structuring a news story (2 topics)

  • The Inverted Triangle method
  • Ensuring the six essential elements are present high up in your news story

Finding news in press releases, reports and meetings (3 topics)

  • How to spot hidden angles and stories in press releases and reports
  • How to develop press releases by gathering additional information and finding a better angle
  • Spotting a story in a dull meeting that other reporters might miss

Law for journalists (1 topic)

  • What journalists need to know about defamation, contempt and privacy

How to interview (4 topics)

  • How to win your subject's confidence
  • What questions to ask and the order in which to ask them
  • How to encourage them to say more than they intended
  • Getting the right quotes and using them effectively

How to keep to deadlines (3 topics)

  • Working against the clock
  • How to save time by drafting the bulk of a story before you know what the final outcome - or your angle - will be
  • Tips and tricks to make news editors happy

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