Maximising Press & Media Coverage

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Any marketing or PR professional needs to build an effective press and media network in order to maximise media coverage - this course shows you how to do this. It covers creating and maintaining a contact list, pitching ideas and editorial to print and online media and ensuring that your organisation or client gets good, positive media coverage.

The course also looks at tips and tricks for creating effective press releases.

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How the press works (1 topic)

  • The structure of modern media

What the press expects from you (2 topics)

  • Understanding press expectations will automatically increase your success rate
  • Communicating effectively with the press

Designing a media strategy (5 topics)

  • Who to contact?
  • Getting the timing right
  • Creating bespoke press releases
  • Structuring your press release
  • Creating a day-to-day plan

Establishing a network of press and media contacts (2 topics)

  • Effective and practical methods of building a contacts list
  • Maintaining on-going relationships

Distributing your press release (4 topics)

  • Different ways of distributing a press release
  • Words that work and words that don't
  • When to cold call and what to say
  • Following up your press release

Confidence building (3 topics)

  • How to deal with knockbacks
  • How to be appropriately persistent
  • Building your own confidence

Organising a launch (6 topics)

  • Planning a press launch
  • Targeting specific media
  • The soft launch
  • Planning a successful launch event
  • Following up a successful launch
  • What to do when your campaign takes off

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