Understanding A/xDSL

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This 3-day seminar comprehensively covers xDSL technology, ADSL in particular - the architecture, design issues and applications. The pros and cons of the technical options are explored and solutions to the implementation of cost-effective networks discussed.


Upon completion of this course the delegate will:

Gain an understanding of xDSL technology, its architecture and applications. – Appreciate the limitations, technical options and design issues influencing xDSL implementation and use. - Understand the challenge of providing fixed network local access to broadband services. - Gain an awareness of the future development of xDSL and other access technologies. - Practical Session reinforcing the theory by using the latest equipment.


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Introduction and background (6 topics)

  • The analogue local loop - copper investment
  • The Digital PSTN - ISDN services
  • High speed Internet access
  • Telecommuting
  • The xDSL family
  • ADSL positioning

The xDSL technologies (14 topics)

  • The evolution of xDSL technologies
  • The Digital Subscriber Line
  • The distance vs speed limitations
  • High bit rate DSL: HDSL/HDSL2
  • HDSL and E1/T1 circuit provision
  • Single pair/symmetric DSL: SDSL
  • SDSL vs HDSL
  • Asymmetric DSL: ADSL
  • Consumer DSL/ADSL Lite
  • The use of splitters
  • Rate Adaptive DSL: RADSL
  • Very high-speed DSL: VDSL
  • VDSL & ATM integration

The ADSL architecture (10 topics)

  • ADSL standards
  • ADSL network components
  • The ADSL interface
  • The ADSL transceiver unit function
  • ADSL reference points
  • Modulation techniques & ADSL
  • ADSL line coding CAP vs DMT
  • DMT operation
  • Network Management
  • Security Issues

ADSL framing (8 topics)

  • ADSL bearers
  • ADSL simplex & duplex operation
  • The ADSL superframe
  • ADSL framing structure
  • ADSL overheads
  • ADSL distribution modes
  • ADSL & ATM services

The DSL Access Mux - DSLAM (7 topics)

  • Providing the network service
  • DSLAM positioning
  • The network components: IP routers, ATM switches, Frame Relay
  • DSLAM and Local Area Networks
  • DSLAM and SDH integration
  • DSLAM features
  • DSLAM and network management

ADSL in practice (7 topics)

  • Configuring ADSL modems
  • Configuring DSLAM
  • Configuring Network Management
  • Customer Premises Equipment issues
  • International issues
  • Outstanding issues
  • DSL migration


Participants should have a good understanding of telecommunications. Delegates include communications and telecommunications engineers developing systems and services for carriers and vendors Network planners, managers and administrators responsible for adopting new services in end-user organisations and communication service providers. Technical sales and marketing professionals from carriers and network systems vendors and integrators.

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