PRINCE2 2005 Foundation and Practitioner

5 Day Course
Official Curriculum

The PRINCE2 2005 courses have now been retired in favour of the 2009 courses. Delegates should attend the PRINCE2 2009 Foundation and Practitioner course.


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Introduction (3 topics)

  • Defining a project
  • Identifying reasons for project failure
  • Identifying how PRINCE2 can help avoid project failure

The Process Model (2 topics)

  • A general overview of all 8 processes and how they interface to provide management of the lifecycle of a project.

The 8 Processes (7 topics)

  • Starting Up A Project - pre-project preparation to give decision makers information to decide on viability of project
  • Initiating A Project - setting up and planning the project in detail, developing the documentation for the Project Initiation Document
  • Directing A Project - decision-making, authorisation and approval from the Project Board
  • Controlling A Stage - day-to-day management and control of the project by the Project Manager
  • Managing Product Delivery - creation and quality checking of products made by the supplier, work managed by the Team Manager
  • Managing Stage Boundaries - preparation of plans for next stage activities and reporting on performance of current stage
  • Closing A Project - bringing the project to a controlled close rather than drift into operational use

The 8 Components (8 topics)

  • Business Case, developing a viable Business Case
  • Organisation, defining the roles and responsibilities for the Project Management Team
  • Plans, what levels of plan are used, what element should a plan contain, the importance of replanning
  • Controls, describing the controls available in PRINCE2 and how they are used
  • Management of risk, the steps involved in Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Quality in a project environment, describing how the elements of quality management are applied in the PRINCE2 environment
  • Configuration Management, the importance of identifying, tracking and protecting products
  • Change Control, why its important to handle changes within project issue management

The 3 Techniques (3 topics)

  • Product-based Planning, describing the 3 steps involved; creating a Product Breakdown Structure, writing Product Descriptions and producing a Product Flow Diagram
  • Quality Review, one possible way of quality checking products, especially suited to documentation
  • Change Control Approach, steps to follow when managing project issues


This course is designed for project managers, team managers, project assurance and project support staff. The course is also suitable for experienced project mangers requiring a comprehensive, practical introduction to the PRINCE2 method. There are no prerequisites other than a basic awareness of project work in the delegate's own business environment.

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