Adobe InDesign CS3 and XML

1 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT063

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 version.


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Understanding XML tags (6 topics)

  • Using the tags panel
  • Applying tags to graphics frames
  • Applying tags to text frames
  • Applying tags to blocks of text
  • Using bracketed tags
  • Creating your own set of tags

Importing XML files into InDesign (6 topics)

  • Setting up a document for importing XML tags
  • Setting up your tagging structure
  • Using the Import XML command
  • Specifying whether imported elements should replace existing content or not
  • Appending imported content to existing content
  • Working with untagged elements

Tagging an InDesign document (6 topics)

  • XML tags vs tagged text
  • Using the New Tags command
  • Editing tags
  • Importing and exporting graphics for XML
  • Adding tags based on PDF structure tags
  • Creating automatic layouts using the XML rules engine

XML terminology and structure (5 topics)

  • Understanding structure: using sequential and hierarchical relationships
  • Using parental elements and child elements
  • Using sibling elements
  • Dragging and dropping elements
  • Understanding attributes

Preparing a document for export (5 topics)

  • Mapping styles and tags for XML
  • The Map Styles to Tags dialog box
  • Matching style names to tag names
  • Using Structure View to revise the levels of hierarchy
  • Using the Cross Media Export commands

InDesign and other applications (2 topics)

  • Using Adobe Acrobat structure tags
  • Using Article, Figure and Artifact

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