Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Developing ASP Applications

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 version.


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Getting started (8 topics)

  • Defining a static site
  • Creating the contact page
  • Creating a new page based on an existing page
  • Working in design view, code view and split view
  • Inserting and formatting text
  • Inserting images from the insert bar
  • Creating tables
  • The Property Inspector and the Properties Panel

Dynamic web sites (6 topics)

  • Dynamic web site basics
  • Choosing a server model
  • Redefining the site for dynamic development
  • Developing with a local server
  • Developing with a remote server
  • Building a simple, dynamic application

Passing data between pages (3 topics)

  • Understanding the HTTP protocol
  • Retrieving data
  • Setting and retrieving cookies

Sending email from a web form (6 topics)

  • Introducing SMTP email service
  • Writing code to send emails
  • Introducing objects, methods, functions and properties
  • Creating the web form
  • Emailing dynamic form values
  • Client-side form validation

Databases on the web (3 topics)

  • A crash course on databases
  • Connecting the site to a database
  • Creating recordsets and displaying database information

Practical example: building a Tour Price calculator (10 topics)

  • Creating the pages
  • Building the form
  • Collecting, processing and displaying the data
  • Adding server-side form validation
  • Creating the conditional region
  • Creating and applying a custom CSS class
  • Dynamically populated drop-down menus
  • Creating filtered recordsets
  • Revising the calculation script with live data
  • Documenting your code with comments

Filtering and displaying data (5 topics)

  • Preparing the input page
  • Generating URLs dynamically
  • Preparing the output page
  • Populating page layouts dynamically
  • Adding dynamic images

Building the tour descriptions (5 topics)

  • Creating recordsets with joins
  • Building the descriptions
  • Inserting images and alt attributes
  • Implementing recordset paging
  • Passing data to other applications

Managing content with forms (2 topics)

  • Creating the admin section
  • Creating the form interface

Building search interfaces (4 topics)

  • Creating the Search All link
  • Searching by region and country
  • Switching SQL statements
  • Testing and debugging

Authenticating users (3 topics)

  • Building the registration pages
  • Building a log-in page
  • Restricting access to pages

Building update pages (2 topics)

  • Planning master-detail pages
  • Making the detail page updateable

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