Object Oriented Primer for Software Developers

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Object technology has rapidly become an all pervasive, supporting technology throughout the computing industry. Objects are the foundation of modern operating systems, languages and development methods, and are shaping the future of distributed computing using distributed object technology.

This course provides a detailed introduction into the principles of object technology. Aimed at developers, it examines the details of encapsulation, object relationships, inheritance and polymorphism. The terminology and notation is taken from the Unified Modelling Language (UML), which has become the de facto standard for describing object systems.

Object-Oriented Primer for Software Developers is the foundation for all the programming courses that require Object understanding.

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Object-Oriented Basics (3 topics)

  • Classes and objects
  • Behaviour
  • Knowledge and state

Encapsulation (4 topics)

  • Operations
  • Attributes
  • Cohesion and class responsibility
  • Visibility - public, private, protected

Object Relationships (4 topics)

  • Association and aggregation
  • Attributes and composition
  • Delegation
  • Multiplicity

Inheritance (6 topics)

  • What is inherited?
  • Superclass/subclass
  • Base/derived classes
  • Extending through addition and overriding
  • Abstract classes, operations and methods
  • Multiple inheritance

Polymorphism (3 topics)

  • Messages
  • Polymorphic references
  • Interfaces

Object-Oriented Technologies (1 topic)

  • Overview of current component, distribution and language technologies including Microsoft's COM and CORBA

The Way Ahead (2 topics)

  • Further information sources
  • Support after this course


No prior knowledge of object-oriented concepts or object-oriented programming languages is expected. Some programming experience, however basic, is essential. Anyone who needs to gain an insight into object technology from a development perspective, in particular those who will be attending an object-oriented programming course.

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