Frontpage 2003 Level 2

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You have created Web pages with text, graphics, and tables. However, you need to add more complex features, dynamic components, and to enable two-way interaction with your Web site's visitors. In this course, you will use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003's graphical and convenient tools to add these features to your Web site.

You will enhance the functionality and usability of your Web site using Microsoft Office FrontPage tools.

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Laying Out a Page with Frames (4 topics)

  • Create Frames Pages
  • Add Links to Frames Pages
  • Modify Frames
  • Create an Inline Frame

Adding User Navigation Components (4 topics)

  • Add Search Capabilities
  • Create an Image Map
  • Insert a Link Bar
  • Create a Table of Contents

Working with Forms (4 topics)

  • Create a Form
  • Modify Field Properties
  • Send Form Data to a File
  • Send Form Data to a Database

Displaying Dynamic Content (6 topics)

  • Share Content Between Pages
  • Add an Interactive Button
  • Swap Images
  • Display Database Information on a Page
  • Insert Redirect Meta Tags
  • Add a Chart

Managing Workgroup Development (4 topics)

  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Files with Source Control
  • Manage a File's Review Status
  • Secure a Web

Maintaining a Site (6 topics)

  • Manage Web Folders
  • Manage Web Files
  • Correct Broken Hyperlinks
  • Analyze a Web's Usage
  • Display a Top 10 List for Visitors
  • Change Default Documents


- Students taking this course should be familiar with using the Internet. - Furthermore, students should have taken the Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge. - Recommended, though not required, is the Microsoft Access 2003: Level 1 course.

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