Frontpage 2003 Level 2

1 Day Course
Hands On
Code DFP03L2

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Expression Web Training Courses.


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Laying Out a Page with Frames (4 topics)

  • Create Frames Pages
  • Add Links to Frames Pages
  • Modify Frames
  • Create an Inline Frame

Adding User Navigation Components (4 topics)

  • Add Search Capabilities
  • Create an Image Map
  • Insert a Link Bar
  • Create a Table of Contents

Working with Forms (4 topics)

  • Create a Form
  • Modify Field Properties
  • Send Form Data to a File
  • Send Form Data to a Database

Displaying Dynamic Content (6 topics)

  • Share Content Between Pages
  • Add an Interactive Button
  • Swap Images
  • Display Database Information on a Page
  • Insert Redirect Meta Tags
  • Add a Chart

Managing Workgroup Development (4 topics)

  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Files with Source Control
  • Manage a File's Review Status
  • Secure a Web

Maintaining a Site (6 topics)

  • Manage Web Folders
  • Manage Web Files
  • Correct Broken Hyperlinks
  • Analyze a Web's Usage
  • Display a Top 10 List for Visitors
  • Change Default Documents


- Students taking this course should be familiar with using the Internet. - Furthermore, students should have taken the Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge. - Recommended, though not required, is the Microsoft Access 2003: Level 1 course.

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