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As you begin this course, you should have the skills you need to work with Microsoft Office System applications, especially Microsoft Word. This includes the ability to create and edit documents that contain text, tables, and images. Now you’re ready to use a graphical application to create Web sites and Web pages. In this course, you will use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to design, develop, and deploy Web sites that can be viewed on any Web-enabled computer around the world.

You will create and publish a Web site using Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

Audience: The target student for this course is someone who wants to create Web pages and Web sites in a graphical application. It is a prerequisite for taking the Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Level 2 course.

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Creating a Web (5 topics)

  • Overview of Web Development
  • Create a New Web Site
  • Create and Format Web Page Text
  • Create Pages
  • Import Web Pages

Adding Images (5 topics)

  • Add a Picture to a Web Page
  • Edit a Picture
  • Add a New Drawing
  • Add a Photo Gallery
  • Modify a Photo Gallery

Creating Links (3 topics)

  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Add Bookmark Links
  • Link from an Image

Adding Tables (6 topics)

  • Insert a Table
  • Set Table Properties
  • Set Cell Properties
  • Edit a Table's Structure
  • Split Tables
  • AutoFormat a Table

Formatting a Web Page (5 topics)

  • Apply a Theme
  • Customize a Theme
  • Create and Format with Styles
  • Set the Background
  • Test in Multiple Browsers

Designing Your Web Pages (3 topics)

  • Design a Web Page Layout
  • Lay Out a Web Page with Tables
  • Create and Apply a Dynamic Web Template

Structuring a Web Site with Navigation View (3 topics)

  • Create a Navigation Structure
  • Modify a Navigation Structure
  • Remove a Web Page from a Web's Navigation Structure

Publishing a Web (3 topics)

  • Prepare Your Web Site for Publishing
  • Publish Your Web
  • Publish a Web Site from One Location to Another


To ensure the successful completion of Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Level 1 , we recommend prior completion of the following courses (or equivalent knowledge): · Microsoft Word 2003: Level 1, Microsoft Word 2003: Level 2, Internet Explorer 6.0: Introduction, Windows XP: Introduction In addition, it may be helpful if a student has completed HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 1 (Second Edition) or has equivalent knowledge from another source.

Additional Learning

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