Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision 4.0 Development II - C/SIDE Solution Development

5 Day Course
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Information about useful concepts or technical components that will be used for development is introduced in the development and testing sections, and there is additional or extended information in the conclusion of each story. At the end of the course, deployment issues are discussed.

Please note: This course concentrates on the software features and functionality of Microsoft Navision related to C/SIDE Solution Development. It is not intended to teach consultancy of Business Processes or the planning and decision making steps required during an industry deployment of Microsoft Navision.


After completing this course, students will understand:

  •  Creating solutions following the Navision Implementation Methodology
  •  Internal documentation
  •  Debugging tools
  •  Performance issues
  •  Complex data variables and their member functions
  •  Multilanguage functionality
  •  Analysis of objects
  •  Posting routines
  •  Architecture of a basic Microsoft Navision document
  •  Microsoft Navision dimensions
  •  Deploying customised software solutions.

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Business Case Diagnosis & Analysis (1 topic)

  • The Diagnosis section provides the 'executive summary' of the business case used in the course. The Analysis sections describe in more detail the specific requirements for the system we will be developing. They contain the data models based on those requirements and they explain the basic project plan that we will follow to make the solution a reality.

Managing Master Files (1 topic)

  • This section explains how to create the tables and forms that contain the master data for this course.

Managing Registrations (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to create the tables and forms necessary to allow the users to create seminar registrations and view a planning overview.

Managing Posting (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to create the tables, forms and codeunits necessary to enable posting in the seminar module.

Managing Integration (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to integrate the seminar module features into the standard application and to integrate the Navigate feature.

Managing Reporting (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how create informational and processing reports for the seminar module.

Managing Statistics (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to create the fields and forms necessary so that the user can view seminar statistics.

Managing Dimensions (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to implement standard Microsoft Navision dimensions in the existing features of the seminar module.

Interfaces (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how implement two interfaces into the seminar module.

Deployment (1 topic)

  • The objective of the Deployment chapter is for participants to learn about some of the activities that take place in the deployment phase of a project.

Course Summary (1 topic)

  • The objective of the Course Summary is to briefly review what was covered in the course.

Review Questions (1 topic)

  • This chapter contains questions to review the topics covered in this course and will help in preparing for the certification test in Microsoft® Business Solutions-Navision® solution development.

Additional Exercises (1 topic)

  • This chapter contains additional exercises in creating the tables and forms necessary for translating seminars, using multiple dimensions with the seminar module and managing seminar planning.


This training material is intended for Microsoft® Certified Business Solutions Partner employees who sell and implement Microsoft Navision solutions. The curriculum is designed for participants who have completed the Microsoft Navision Development I course and passed the Navision Programming certification exam.

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