M8531: Extending Microsoft CRM 3.0

3 Day Course
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Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M8531

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft.NET Enterprise Servers Training.


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Extensibility Overview (1 topic)

  • This brief chapter serves as an overview for the course. It introduces the features available to extend Microsoft CRM 3.0.

Microsoft CRM Architecture (1 topic)

  • This chapter describes the Microsoft CRM 3.0 architecture as it applies to practical decisions when planning extensions to Microsoft CRM. A strong understanding of the Microsoft CRM architecture provides insight that can be used when developing extensions.

Common Platform Operations (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to include the Microsoft CRM Web Service APIs into development projects and how to use common methods available for all Microsoft CRM entities. This module also explains how data types are implemented in Microsoft CRM as well as helper code that developers can use to manage Microsoft CRM data types. Finally, the process of handling SOAP exceptions from the Microsoft CRM Web Services is described.

Advanced Platform Operations (1 topic)

  • This chapter explains how to query data and perform actions on the Microsoft CRM platform using the Execute Method with the appropriate Request and Response classes. It also describes the use of Filtered Views, the DynamicEntity class and methods to work with the Microsoft CRM meta-data.


Before attending this course, students must have: - Completed Course 8525A, Microsoft CRM 3.0 Customization, or have equivalent knowledge of the customization capabilities of Microsoft CRM 3.0. - At least three months experience creating .NET applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. - A good understanding of Web development technologies including programming with DHTML.

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