M8330: Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta 3.0 Financial Series I

3 Day Course
Code M8330

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Basic Setup (1 topic)

  • The purpose of this chapter is to teach students the minimum setup they need to perform in order to run Microsoft Axapta modules. Since Microsoft Axapta is a highly integrated system, the setup performed here is a base not only for the modules discussed in this class, but also for additional modules that utilize the Microsoft Axapta General Ledger. Currency setup is introduced along with the concept of financial dimensions.

General Ledger Setup (1 topic)

  • This chapter focuses on the setup of the General Ledger in Microsoft Axapta. A recommended setup checklist is introduced at the beginning of this chapter that is meant to guide the students through the minimum setup required for the Microsoft Axapta General Ledger to function. The students get their first exposure to parameters which are highly important setup forms within most Microsoft Axapta modules as well as their first exposure to journal setup.

General Ledger Daily Procedures (1 topic)

  • This chapter focuses on the transactions entered in the General Ledger. Students may discover how to enter a General Ledger transaction in a journal as well as how to post that transaction. The transaction entry forms are discussed as well as the different types of entries that can be created. The process of posting a transaction to the ledger is also be covered.

General Ledger Reports and Inquiries (1 topic)

  • This chapter explores the different reports and inquiries available in the Microsoft Axapta General Ledger. By learning the different methods of inquiries available either via forms or the menus, students gain an understanding of how easy it is to drill down into transactions within Microsoft Axapta. They are also shown how to run basic General Ledger reports such as account statements. Financial statement creation is not covered in this course, but students are able to run existing statements at the completion of this chapter.

Bank Management Setup (1 topic)

  • This chapter focuses on the setup of the Bank module in Microsoft Axapta. Logically you need to have a bank account before you can create a check to pay an invoice. This chapter explores how to set up banks and bank accounts within Microsoft Axapta as well as how to format the checks that print. A suggested checklist is provided at the beginning of the chapter to provide students with a list of set up procedures necessary to the setup of the Bank module.

Bank Management Reports and Inquires (1 topic)

  • The focus of this chapter is the reports and inquiries available with the Bank module. Students may find how easy it is to track a payment within the system by using drill down capabilities.

Accounts Payable Setup (1 topic)

  • The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the setup of Accounts Payable within Microsoft Axapta. The chapter starts with a recommended checklist for the setup of Accounts Payable. The students are then shown the importance of setting up vendor groups and posting profiles. The chapter concludes with a discussion on how to set up payment terms and other payment items necessary for Accounts Payable.


Before attending this course, students must have: - Basic knowledge of accounting principles. - An understanding on how to navigate within Microsoft Axapta. - In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: The Microsoft Axapta Introduction course

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