Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 - Advanced Administration

2 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Office 365 Training Courses.


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A MOM overview (4 topics)

  • Management groups, management servers, managed computers, and management packs - definitions of MOM components
  • How MOM components fit together
  • The different MOM consoles
  • MOM security restrictions.

Managing Management Packs (6 topics)

  • The components that make up a management pack
  • An investigation of the AD and Exchange management packs
  • Customising a vendor-based management pack
  • Importing/Exporting MPs
  • Checking MP versions
  • MP2XML, MPDiff and MP Studio.

Creating Management Packs in Detail (2 topics)

  • Computer Attributes and Computer Groups
  • Rule groups, NT Event Log providers, Perfmon providers, WMI event providers, WMI numeric providers, application log providers.

Scripting MOM (4 topics)

  • The Script.Context object
  • Generating events, raising alerts and gathering performance/informational data via script
  • Getting data into MOM scripts via parameters
  • Scripting sythentic transactions.

The System Center Data Warehouse (3 topics)

  • How the data transfer and grooming jobs actually work
  • Setting the data retention times in the SCDW
  • Running reports, Creating custom reports with Visual Studio.

Appendix MOM and SNMP (3 topics)

  • Sending SNMP traps via MOM responses
  • Receiving SNMP input into MOM
  • Using the WMI SNMP provider to send selective SNMP traps.


Previous experience of MOM is expected. This can be gained by attending the 3 day Microsoft Course MS2287, or by working with the product for a number of months. This course also assumes a basic familiarity of the SQL language, as construction of simple SQL statements is required when creating custom reports. Knowledge of VBScript is also required. When covering scripting for MOM, we will concentrate on taking working scripts and converting them for use in the MOM environment, we will not be covering VBScript from scratch. The course is written for IT support professionals who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the MOM 2005 infrastructure. It deals chiefly with the maintenance and management of Management Packs. It is not suitable for the end users of MOM - the general IT support staff who will be using it for monitoring and supporting their servers. They would be better suited by attending the 1 day MOM operators course - QAMOMOPS.

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