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This course will show delegates how to produce well-designed web pages within a well balanced web site. Delegates will learn how to plan a website and understand the essentials of good page design and publishing techniques.

The course includes an introduction to HTML and uses Dreamweaver as a web authoring tool. This course is suitable for users of most versions of Dreamweaver.

In addition to the theory, this course is designed to provide a high level of hands-on experience of web page creation and website design. Practical sessions are used throughout to reinforce the teaching points.

Building an Effective Web Site (However, this is a technical course and delegates need to have some technical experience, this might be gained by working with Dreamweaver for 3 months)


  • Use the most common functions of HTML
  • Design efficient and visually appealing web pages
  • Use the functions of Dreamweaver
  • Use features such as frames, tables, forms and images
  • Use Dreamweaver libraries and templates
  • Understand the main steps in planning and designing a well-structured website

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Setting the scene (3 topics)

  • Web evolution
  • The Internet and intranets
  • Benefits to an organisation

Dreamweaver Editing Environment (13 topics)

  • Defining a local site
  • Document Window
  • Panels and inspectors
  • Dockable panels
  • Launcher panel
  • Property Inspector
  • Object Panel
  • Context menus
  • Creating a page
  • Formatting pages
  • Standard view
  • Code view
  • Split view

Introduction to HTML (6 topics)

  • HTML standards
  • Tags, Elements, Attributes and Values
  • Paragraphs and line breaks
  • Headings
  • Alignment
  • Text formatting

Working with Images (2 topics)

  • Web graphics, Image file formats, GIF and JPEG
  • Transparency, animation, background colour and images

Links (4 topics)

  • Internal and external hyperlinks
  • Email links
  • Graphical hyperlinks
  • Image Maps

Tables and Layers (8 topics)

  • Creating Tables
  • Table properties
  • Cell properties
  • HTML for tables
  • Layout view
  • Dreamweaver layers
  • Layers panel
  • Page design using layers

Frames (4 topics)

  • Frames and framesets
  • Targeting
  • Frame tags and attributes
  • Frames panel

Publishing Webs (6 topics)

  • Local and remote sites
  • Setting up remote site using Site Window
  • Using FTP
  • Uploading your pages
  • Synchronising local and remote sites
  • Source control

Using Forms (5 topics)

  • Form creation
  • Form components
  • Forms panel
  • Server-side processing
  • Using e-mail

Libraries and Templates (4 topics)

  • Creating and applying a template
  • Modifying a template
  • Library items
  • Creating and modifying library items

Site Management (6 topics)

  • Asset management and Assets panel
  • Deleting, moving and renaming pages using Site Window
  • Broken links
  • Fixing a broken link
  • Using Find and Replace for the entire site
  • HTML Source Inspector

Measuring the Benefits (4 topics)

  • Using Dreamweaver for Web authoring vs ASCII editors
  • Open standards and proprietary extensions
  • Advanced authoring features
  • External and internal sites

Planning a Web Site (1 topic)

  • Considerations before starting the design and implementation of a new Web site


Anyone wishing to produce well designed web pages and web sites and looking for an introduction to HTML and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Delegates must be frequent users of Windows, and be familiar with the use of LAN-based PC applications. Delegates should also be familiar with the World Wide Web. This is not a technical course and no programming experience is required.

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