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Multi-Vendor UNIX Administration course will provide the delegates with transferable skills, and – equally important – will give them appreciation of working in a multi-vendor UNIX environment. The course concentrates on the common philosophy and approach to administering UNIX whilst looking at some specific areas of particular systems and variants and pointing out some specific differences with BSD, for example IBM/AIX.

The platform used for practical exercises is UnixWare – the most traditional SVR4 version of UNIX – an ideal ‘common denominator’ to base a multi-vendor work on. There is an SSH access provided to at least one other version of UNIX, for example HP-UX.

Throughout the course, numerous vendor comparison tables, illustrations and references are provided.

Practical sessions reinforce the theory taught and account for nearly half the course. They invite the user to perform typical administration functions encountered in a real networked UNIX environment, emphasising system security and problem solution.

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Course Topics (12 topics)

  • Use responsibly the privileges of UNIX administrative user, the 'superuser'
  • Identify system requirements and software installation issues
  • Make effective use of system logs and diagnostic tools
  • Analyse hard disk partitioning/slicing and creating file systems
  • Alter and customise the start-up sequence of a UNIX system
  • Manage the UNIX file system, file and directory attributes
  • Add and delete users whilst implementing the security principles and techniques
  • Back up and restore portions of the file system using various tools and methods
  • Set up and administer the UNIX printing service
  • Set up file sharing among systems using NFS and use common TCP/IP utilities
  • Create automated task scheduling
  • Perform simple system diagnostics


Delegates must be experienced UNIX users – the course is aimed at prospective UNIX systems administrators, network administrators and support staff Delegates should have an existing knowledge of a UNIX editors, file manipulation, data handling and have familiarity with shell scripting with, ideally, several months practical experience of working in a UNIX environment Note that existing course: “Multi-Vendor UNIX Fundamentals” (MVUXFUND) provides the correct level of theoretical pre-requisites

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

  • Multi-vendor Unix Fundamentals

    The Unix Fundamentals training course teaches students how to use the basic facilities of a Unix system and is applicable to all UNIX variants

    4 Day Course Hands On Training Course Code MVUXFUND-1
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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