Solaris 9 Administration Part 1

4 Day Course
Hands On
Code S9ADM1

This course has been retired in favour of the Solaris 10 Administration Part 1 course.


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Introduction to Solaris (3 topics)

  • Components of the Solaris operating environment.
  • Key terminology.
  • Roles of the administrator.

Administering the boot prom (1 topic)

  • Use the OpenBoot PROM commands to identify system configuration, change the boot device and perform basic hardware testing.

Software installation (1 topic)

  • Understand Solaris software groups and install a system for a networked standalone installation.

Managing packages (3 topics)

  • Investigate software packages on the system.
  • Add new software packages.
  • Remove software packages.

Managing Patches (3 topics)

  • Patch information.
  • Patches installed on the system.
  • Adding and removing patches.

Workstation booting (6 topics)

  • System boot cycle.
  • Run levels.
  • Run Control scripts.
  • The init process.
  • Commands to bring the system down.
  • Customizing the boot process.

System Security (3 topics)

  • Access security.
  • Restricting root login.
  • Modify system files to investigate and control access to system.

User Management (1 topic)

  • Administering users, groups & initialisation files.

Data Security (2 topics)

  • Advanced file permissions - setuid, setgid, sticky bit.
  • Access control lists

Process Control (2 topics)

  • Administering processes.
  • Process scheduling.

Understanding file types and the directory hierarchy (3 topics)

  • Identify file types.
  • Links.
  • The purpose of the main directories.

Configuring Disks (1 topic)

  • Adding & identifying new devices.

Disk Slicing (3 topics)

  • Disk planning.
  • Disk partitions.
  • Disk labels.

Creating and managing filesystems (5 topics)

  • Solaris™ file system.
  • Structure.
  • Creating Unix Filesystem.
  • The fsck utility.
  • Monitoring file systems.

Mounting file systems (1 topic)

  • Mounting and unmounting local Unix file systems. Using volume management with cdroms and floppy disks.

LP print service (3 topics)

  • Setup a printer.
  • Configure for local and remote printing.
  • Print commands to print and monitor print requests

Backup and recovery concepts (2 topics)

  • Investigate backup strategies and concepts.
  • Review backup commands.

New Features of Solaris 9 (1 topic)

  • Investigate files and commands that have changed in the new release of software.


Delegates should have attended the Unix part I course or have equivalent experience. Shell programming is beneficial, and this can be gained by attending the Unix part II course.

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