Facilitators Workshop

2 Day Course
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The Facilitation Skills course is very similar and is currently available as a public scheduled offering.


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What is Facilitation? (1 topic)

  • Problems of conventional meetings; Principles; Terminology

Group Dynamics (6 topics)

  • How groups form
  • Connecting and engaging
  • Attaining the right state
  • Group motivation
  • Supporting the group
  • Life positions and assertiveness

Roles & Responsibilities (4 topics)

  • The client/sponsor
  • The facilitator
  • The participants
  • The scribe

Facilitation Framework (4 topics)

  • How to run the pre-position meeting
  • How to prepare for the workshop
  • Controlling the process
  • How to review & feedback

Facilitation Techniques (4 topics)

  • Problem solving/Team building
  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group techniques
  • Process mapping for communication and identification of process problems

Facilitation Skills (8 topics)

  • Ensuring balance
  • Controlling discussion
  • Capturing information
  • Questioning & listening
  • Provocative statements
  • Paraphrasing and summarising
  • Avoiding group burnout
  • Association brainstorming

Handling Difficult People (5 topics)

  • Effect of behaviour on the group
  • Moderating undesirable behaviour
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Handling polarised views
  • Hints and tips


This course is ideal for anyone who works in a changing environment - business analysts, consultants (internal and external), systems analysts, change agents and change managers. This course is also ideal for those wishing to go beyond basic meeting skills to deliver consensus and action planning.

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