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In Microsoft Word 2016 / 365 Level 2, you gained the skills to work with more complex business documents and automate tasks. If you work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others, or create forms, this course will show you how to use Word efficiently to accomplish these tasks.

Microsoft Word 2016 / 365 enables you to do more than simple word processing. Word includes advanced image manipulation tools, collaboration features, cross-referencing and linking tools, entry forms and data collection, security features, and tools to automate document production.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use images in a document.
  • Create custom graphic elements.
  • Collaborate on documents.
  • Add reference marks and notes.
  • Secure a document.
  • Create and manipulate forms.
  • Create macros to automate tasks.

Target Audience

This course is intended for delegates who create and work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others on documents, and create forms in Microsoft Word.

This course is suitable for users of Microsoft Word 2016 or 365 subscription editions. If you're attending a public scheduled course, the course will be delivered on Microsoft Word 2016.

Additional Information

Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required for this course to work through remote desktop labs and view training information.

This course covers some of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students prepare for the Word 2016 Exam and the Word 2016 Expert Exam.

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Manipulating Images (3 topics)

  • Topic A: Integrate Pictures and Text
  • Topic B: Adjust Image Appearance
  • Topic C: Insert Other Media Elements

Using Custom Graphic Elements (4 topics)

  • Topic A: Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
  • Topic B: Add WordArt and Other Text Effects
  • Topic C: Draw Shapes
  • Topic D: Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt

Collaborating on Documents (4 topics)

  • Topic A: Prepare a Document for Collaboration
  • Topic B: Mark Up a Document
  • Topic C: Review Markups
  • Topic D: Merge Changes from Other Documents

Adding Document References and Links (6 topics)

  • Topic A: Add Captions
  • Topic B: Add Cross-References
  • Topic C: Add Bookmarks
  • Topic D: Add Hyperlinks
  • Topic E: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Topic F: Add Citations and a Bibliography

Securing a Document (4 topics)

  • Topic A: Suppress Information
  • Topic B: Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions
  • Topic C: Restrict Document Access
  • Topic D: Add a Digital Signature to a Document

Using Forms to Manage Content (2 topics)

  • Topic A: Create Forms
  • Topic B: Modify Forms

Automating Repetitive Tasks with Macros (2 topics)

  • Topic A: Automate Tasks by Using Macros
  • Topic B: Create a Macro


  • Delegates should be able to use Microsoft Office Word 2016 to create, edit, format, save, and print business documents that contain text, tables, and graphics.
  • Use a web browser and an email program.
  • A basic understanding of how worksheets and presentations work.
  • Delegates should also hold equivalent knowledge to the level of QA's Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1 and Level 2

Additional Learning

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