M8522: Microsoft CRM 3.0 Marketing Automation

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This one-day course explores the Microsoft® CRM application from a user's perspective. Application functionality covered in the course includes:

  •  Core CRM Navigation
  •  User Interface
  •  Outlook Client
  •  Marketing Automation module

This application course does not include materials or instructor discussion of Microsoft CRM Installation, Application Configuration, Workflow Configuration, Customization, Back Office Integration, or Data Migration.

This course teaches the processes and functionality used by marketing managers and marketing representatives. It begins with an introduction to the core concepts of Microsoft CRM and then an overview of the marketing automation processes. Subsequent lessons explore the marketing concepts in greater detail. A thorough understanding of the marketing processes in Microsoft CRM helps you to get the most out of your system.

Microsoft CRM Marketing Automation training is recommended for individuals or anyone that plans to implement, use, maintain, consult, or support Microsoft CRM in their organization. The class is targeted toward marketing representatives, administrators, office managers, CEO’s, and consultants who need to understand the
technical aspects of Microsoft CRM and gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality.

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Microsoft CRM Concepts (5 topics)

  • Microsoft CRM Modules
  • Accessing Microsoft CRM
  • Customer Records
  • Customer Relationships
  • Understanding customization availability

Microsoft CRM Client for Outlook (4 topics)

  • Identifying the functionality available in the Microsoft CRM Client for Outlook
  • Navigate within the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook user interface
  • Navigate within the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook user interface
  • Create and manage Microsoft CRM records and activities in Outlook

Marketing Automation Life Cycle (2 topics)

  • Marketing Automation Process Flow
  • Marketing process demonstration

Planning Marketing Campaigns (4 topics)

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Planning a campaign
  • Managing Lists
  • Using Lists

Campaign Creation (2 topics)

  • Creating a Campaign
  • Managing and Testing Pre-Launch Campaigns

Campaign Execution and Response Management (4 topics)

  • Executing a campaign
  • Running and Managing Campaigns
  • Tracking Marketing Information
  • Quick Campaigns


Before attending this course, students must have: - General knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® - An understanding of Customer Relationship Management solution processes and practices

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