M8455: Axapta 3.0 Development IV

4 Day Course
Code M8455

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Introduction (1 topic)

  • This chapter gives students a general overview of Microsoft Axapta Development IV: X++ Application Integration course.

Case Study (1 topic)

  • This chapter outlines the case study that will be undertaken throughout the course. As the different technical and application specific areas are taught, the POS module is developed. This chapter introduces the initial basic design from which the student will build the module, and the students contribute to their own final design.

Development Guidelines (1 topic)

  • This chapter covers some advanced X++ functions that are used frequently in the application, and that the student may not be familiar with.

Number Sequences (1 topic)

  • Number sequences are created and used by all programmers regularly, and so should be used correctly. This chapter highlights the correct way to create a new number sequence and how to use a number sequence in code. It also explores the more advanced options available.

PrintJobSettings (1 topic)

  • PrintJobSettings are used to control and retrieve settings when writing to a printer. This chapter details how to use these correctly.

COM (1 topic)

  • This chapter gives some simple examples of using COM to interface to other applications from Microsoft Axapta, and to Microsoft Axapta from other applications.

XML (1 topic)

  • This chapter explores the use of XML within Microsoft Axapta. It gives the student an idea of some of the possibilities available with XML and gives examples of where XML is used today.

ActiveX (1 topic)

  • In this chapter the student learns how to add Active-X controls, how to manipulate them and how to find more information about how to use other active-x controls

DLL (1 topic)

  • This chapter discusses DLL's. It describes what they are, how they are created and how to use them in Axapta.

Ledger (1 topic)

  • This chapter helps the student understand two methods of posting transactions to the General Ledger. Due to the many varied situations that this could occur, there are a number of ways to approach this.


Before attending this course, students must: - Have completed Microsoft Axapta Development III: X++ Advanced - Be familiar with the development tool suite - Be able to make changes to the Data Dictionary including best practices with regards to design and implementation - Be able to create and implement forms - Be able to manipulate data within forms, including building queries, display and edit methods - Be able to create and implement classes - Understand the main concepts of Object Oriented Design (OOD), including inheritance, overriding & overloading, polymorphism, constructors and static methods - Be familiar with Exception handling - Be familiar with foundation classes - Be familiar with the RunBase set of classes - Have a basic knowledge of the application

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