M8424: Navision V4.0 Job Costing

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This one-day course is designed for students who are preparing to complete the Microsoft Navision Costing exam. This course describes the cost posting process, including capturing the actual costs and sales for a Job; the comparison of the Actual costs and sales to a Budget; and the reclassification of costs when the Work in Process (WIP) and Recognition Periodic Activities are utilized. The focus of this course primarily on processing activity and reviewing the posting results.

This course is intended for individuals on the implementation team, administrating or using the modules in Microsoft Navision. This audience typically includes individuals who will be implementing and assisting Navision users. Additionally, individuals responsible for training or supporting Microsoft Navision benefit from the course.

Please note: This course concentrates on the software features and functionality of Microsoft Navision related to Job Costing. It is not intended to teach consultancy of Business Processes or the planning and decision making steps required during an industry deployment of Microsoft Navision

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Setup Operations (5 topics)

  • Overview of Jobs
  • Definitions of the General Posting and Job Posting Setups required for using Job Costing
  • Job Card Setup
  • Job Budget Definitions
  • Job Budget Setup

Usage Posting (7 topics)

  • Recording Job Cost Overview
  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Define the fields on the Job Journal
  • Create a Job Journal for Resources and G/L Expense
  • Make corrections to entries posted with incorrect Phases, Tasks, and Steps
  • Review the Purchase Order and Job Journal Postings
  • Review the Job Actual to Budget Comparisons

WIP Posting and Review (6 topics)

  • Job WIP of Costs Definition
  • Job WIP Posting Flow
  • Periodic Activities: Calculate Job WIP Value and Post Job WIP Value to G/L
  • Review the WIP Posting
  • Review the WIP Posting Breakdown
  • Review the Job Actual to Budget Comparisons

Usage and Sales Posting (5 topics)

  • Post Remaining Usage
  • Understand Sale Entries and the Sale Posting Flow
  • Create a Sales Invoice using Get Job Usage
  • Review the Job Journal and Sales Invoice Postings
  • Review the Job Actual to Budget Comparisons

Job Recognition and Review (6 topics)

  • Job Recognition of Costs Definition
  • Job Recognition Posting Flow
  • Periodic Activities: Calculate Job Recognition and Post Job Recognition to G/L
  • Review the Recognition Posting
  • Review the Recognition Posting Breakdown
  • Review Closing a Job

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