M8422: Navision 4.0 Business Analytics

2 Day Course
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Please note: This course concentrates on the software features and functionality of Microsoft Navision related to Business Analytics. It is not intended to teach consultancy of Business Processes or the planning and decision making steps required during an industry deployment of Microsoft Navision

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The Business Analytics Environment (8 topics)

  • Business Analytics Architecture
  • Business Analytics Data Mart
  • Package for Data Transfer Service
  • Business Analytics Configurator
  • Business Analytics Client
  • Business Analytics Server
  • Business Analytics Web Server
  • Business Analytics Enterprise Manager

Data Warehousing Basics (18 topics)

  • OLTP Systems
  • OLTP System Characteristics
  • OLTP System Examples
  • Data Warehouse Characteristics
  • Data Warehouse Components
  • Understanding OLAP System
  • Understanding Data Warehouse Design
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Understanding OLAP Models
  • OLAP Components
  • Working with Cubes
  • Working with Dimensions and Hierarchies
  • Advanced OLAP
  • Shared and Private Dimensions
  • Aggregations (Sum, Min, Max, Count, Distinct Count)
  • Calculated Members
  • Virtual Cube

Creating Cubes from Navision (3 topics)

  • Setting up a New Cube
  • Setting up Business Analytics Databases
  • Creating Virtual Cubes

Working with Business Analytics (6 topics)

  • Setting up the consolidation company and subsidiaries
  • Exporting data for consolidation (if necessary)
  • Testing data to be consolidated
  • Consolidating the data
  • Processing consolidation eliminations
  • Consolidated reports


Before attending this course, students must have: - General knowledge of Windows - Some general familiarity with the software elements involved - A basic understanding of the business goals and information most frequently analyzed with Business Analytics

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