Adobe Flash CS3: Rich Media Content

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT045

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Working in Flash (9 topics)

  • The new Adobe Flash interface
  • Customising the interface
  • Creating a new Flash document
  • Setting stage dimensions
  • Working with panels and panel layouts
  • Setting preferences
  • Identifying the development cycle
  • Working with vectors
  • Publishing a file

Creating and importing graphic assets (10 topics)

  • Working with different graphics formats
  • Importing bitmap graphics
  • Using the Flash import wizard
  • Layering Flash elements
  • Organising using the Layer folder
  • Using the drawing tools
  • Using Object and Merge drawing
  • Working with the colour panels
  • Creating a colour swatch
  • Using the library panel

Using text effectively (11 topics)

  • Using the text tool
  • Adding and formatting static text
  • Changing font rendering methods
  • Static and dynamic text
  • Embedded vs device fonts
  • Font properties
  • Working with anti-aliased text
  • Text components in Flash
  • Adding Input Text fields
  • Embedding fonts in Input Text fields
  • Using font best practices

Creating animations (9 topics)

  • Working with the Timeline
  • Using keyframes, blank keyframes and frames
  • Motion tweening
  • Motion guide layers
  • Shape tweening
  • Creating transition effects
  • Copying a motion to another asset
  • Reusing motions and animations
  • Photoshop to Flash workflow

Working with Behaviours (5 topics)

  • Using Script Assist
  • Adding actions to a frame
  • Using button symbols
  • Adding behaviours to a button
  • Loading external SWFs

Using Movie Clips for interactive rich media (5 topics)

  • Creating and using Movie Clip symbols
  • Organising a Movie Clip timeline
  • Using Actions to control a timeline
  • Using frame labels
  • Responding to user interactions

Adding sound and video (5 topics)

  • Importing sound
  • Changing sound properties
  • Adding sound to a timeline
  • Embedding video in a timeline
  • Using the FLVPlayback component

Publishing Flash documents (5 topics)

  • Using different publishing formats
  • Using publishing profiles
  • Adding Flash Player detection
  • Publishing for deployment
  • Adobe Device Central

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