Adobe Flash CS3: Introduction to ActionScript

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT043

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Declaring and tracing simple variables (4 topics)

  • Declaring a variable
  • Setting its datatype
  • Assigning a value
  • Tracing its value

Setting MovieClip object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating a MovieClip symbol object
  • Assigning an instance name
  • Setting default property values

Setting button object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating a button symbol object
  • Setting default property values
  • Assigning runtime property values

Setting TextField object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating TextField object properties
  • Assigning an object name
  • Displaying concatenated text

Displaying Math constants in a TextField (3 topics)

  • Calculating a value
  • Using Math class constants
  • Displaying calculated values

Displaying system values (3 topics)

  • Adding code to keyframes
  • Displaying player version
  • Displaying time lapse

Declaring a user defined function (3 topics)

  • Passing arguments
  • Calling a function
  • Displaying return values

Using code layers (2 topics)

  • Loading external MovieClip content
  • Linking objects in separate external movies

Attaching MovieClips at runtime (1 topic)

  • Exporting a symbol for Actionscript

Reformatting TextField objects at runtime (2 topics)

  • Creating a TextFormat object
  • Creating and formatting a TextField at runtime

Displaying random integers (3 topics)

  • Displaying a random value
  • Calculating a random value range
  • Rounding a random value to an integer

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